Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs:

We believe in giving back to the community and to make the world a better place. For this reason, Globeflight has chosen to adopt earth-friendly practices through our Going Green environment policy, as well as to help Save the Rhino.

More than being at the forefront of positive and uplifting environmental activities, Globeflight are also actively involved with CANSA Association, helping with the annual CANSA Shavathon and other projects.

We also support the Oasis Association for mentally disabled people, St Vincents Shool for the Deaf and Wep@Work who skill disabled youngsters with occupational skills allowing them to enter the workplace Globeflight engage with these organisations because we care about people, and in the same way that we care about our customers, we seek to positively impact on people’s lives far and wide.

CANSA Shavathon

The annual CANSA Shavathon is supported by Globeflight.We warehouse, pick pack, sort and deliver all goods that are related to the very successful Cansa Shavathon Event. We also create public awareness and raise funds for the Cansa Association. We believe in giving back to the community and to help make the world a better place. The organisation provides a unique and integrated public service to all those, both men and women, children and cancer survivors whose lives are personally affected by cancer. The campaign has been very successful to date, and has witnessed the participation of people from all walks of life. #GlobeflightCares #GFcares4u

OASIS Association

The Oasis Association looks after 450 people with mental handicaps. The organisation raises funds through recycling activities. Globeflight supports Oasis and continues to do so every year, and also provides clothing to those less fortunate. #GlobeflightCares #GFcares4u


Globeflight is committed to do whatever we can to save the endangered Rhino from extinction due to a dramatic upsurge in rhino poaching in recent years. We have been actively engaged in raising funds and awareness.

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Jo-Ann Grace has previously stated, “Having observed the plight of our Rhino, we thought is was high time that Globeflight got involved and made a stand. Simply put, if we fail to take action now, there won’t be any Rhino left to save in the near future, and that will be a tragedy indeed.” #GlobeflightCares #GFcares4u


A steadfast program to reduce negative impacts on the environment goes a far way. Consider the impact of reducing our use of paper. In doing so, less trees will have to be cut down to manufacture the paper, which means more trees will produce more oxygen for us to breath. It also means the ecosystem is saved because birds and other animals will have homes, and in the great chain of life, we will preserve future life forms, and so much more. Even if our contribution is miniscule, the adoption of the same approach by as many companies as possible, will go a far way to improving our planet, and ultimately the lives of humanity.

As your everyday courier, Globeflight is therefore committed to cut our waybills down by one part, and to send invoices and statements electronically. In this way we are saving 10 tons of trees from being cut down. With more emphasis on data transfer between from clients, less reliance on old format paper waybills happens, saving further usage of paper.

To add to our Going Green campaign, Globeflight hold regular campaigns to “Clean Up the Area”. We have also developed a unique system through the distribution of our services, whereby we save the need for wasted daily stops for collection, by supplying recycled boxes to clients. We collect plastic courier flyers from them for correct recycling. Incidentally, in doing so, we have also saved much in terms of fuel! It is also a corporate policy to use wood-free recycled paper for our stationary, and to recycle our waste correctly. #GlobeflightCares #GFcares4u