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Globeflight have split South Africa up into 4 zones, they are listed below in order of their escalating costs due to the growing distance or lack of volume to the area (small towns):

  • In-City: This is for shipments moving within the same city. Ie: Durban to Durban, Pretoria to Pretoria
  • Major: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, Kimberley, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria. (Larger cities with airports, Globeflight have branches in all of these areas, Lowest delivery  charges)
  • Regional: 40km plus, outside of the areas as listed above, will be charged as Regional Areas. (Smaller cities and towns, slightly longer transit times, slightly higher charges, many of these areas will be delivered through Globeflight’s vehicles and our own regional delivery company, RWS)
  • Remote: There are a few towns in South Africa that are far away and seldom have couriers delivering there. These will attract an extra surcharge due to the distance and small volumes to these areas. Ask for a quote and a delivery time before you send.


Town / City Name Postal CodeRingGlobeflight Operations Area NameSurcharges that could apply
AANDRUS, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
AANHOU WEN, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
ABBOTSDALE7600 RegionalWest Coast
ABBOTSFORD, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
ABBOTSFORD, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
ABBOTSPOORT0608 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
ABERDEEN6270 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ABORETUMRegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ACKERVILLE, Witbank1035 MajorHigh / Chain / Remote
ACORNHOEK1360 RegionalMIN NLP MAJORHigh / Chain / Remote
ACTIVIA PARK, Elandsfontein1406 MajorEast Rand
ACTONVILLE & Ext 2 - Benoni1501 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ACTONVILLE Boxes1506 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ADAMAYVIEW, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
ADAMS MISSION4100 MajorDurban Central
ADCOCK VALE Ext/Uit, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ADCOCK VALE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ADDINGTON, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
ADDNEY0712 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ADDO6105 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ADELAIDE5760 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ADENDORP6282 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
AERORAND, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
AEROTON, Johannesburg2013 MajorWest Rand Route 1
AFGHANI, Bethal50RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
AFGUNS0534 RegionalNYLSTROOM REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
AGATHA, Polokwane0699RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
AGAVIA, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
AGGENEYS8893 RegionalTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
AHRENS3507 Regional
AIRDLIN, Sunninghill2157 MajorSandton
AIRFIELD, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
AIRLIE, Constantia Cape Town7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
AIRPORT INDUSTRIA, Cape Town7525 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AKASIA, Potgietersrus0600 RegionalPietersberg Central
AKASIA, Pretoria0001MajorRBG BRITS
AKASIAPARK Boxes7415 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
AKASIAPARK, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AKASIAPARKKAMP, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AKKERHOF0006 MajorPretoria Central
ALABAMA, Klerksdorp2571 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ALAN MANOR, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
ALBANY, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
ALBERANTE Ext 1, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
ALBERMARLE & Ext 1, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
ALBERT ROAD, SALT RIVER7930 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
ALBERTINIA6795 RegionalGeorge Regional
ALBERTON Streets1449 MajorEast Rand
ALBERTON Boxes1450 MajorEast Rand
ALBERTON Ext 28, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
ALBERTON NORTH Boxes1456 MajorEast Rand
ALBERTON NORTH, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
ALBERTSDAL & Ext 6, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
ALBERTSKROON, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
ALBERTSVILLE, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
ALBERTSVILLE, Port Shepstone4240 RegionalDurban South
ALBERTYNSHOF, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
ALBOWVILLE, Rugby7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
ALDARAPARK, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
ALEXANDER BAY8290 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
ALEXANDER PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
ALEXANDERBAAI8290 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
ALEXANDRA2014 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ALEXANDRA INSTITUTE, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
ALEXANDRA, Johannesburg2090 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ALEXANDRA, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
ALEXANDRIA6185 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ALGOAPARK Boxes6005 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ALGOAPARK, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ALICE5700RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ALICEDALE6135 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ALIWAL NORTH5530 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
ALKANTRANT0005 MajorPretoria Central
ALKMAAR FARM1207RegionalNELSPRUIT REG 1Ports/Harbours/Plots/Farm
ALLANDALE HEIGHTS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
ALLDAYS0909 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
ALLEN GROVE, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
ALLENBY Est, Retreat7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ALLENDALE, Retreat7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ALLENRIDGE9490RegionalBloemfontein RegionalMines & Power Stations
ALLEN'S NEK, Roodepoort1737 MajorWest Rand Route 2
ALMA0512 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
ALOEVALE, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
ALPHEN Est, Constantia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
ALPHEN PARK, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
ALPHENPARK, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
ALPINE PARK, Mitchell Plein7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ALPINE PARK, Mitchells Plein7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ALRAPARK Boxes1495 MajorEast Rand
ALRAPARK, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
ALRODE Boxes1451 MajorEast Rand
ALRODE, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
ALTON, Richards Bay3900 Regional
ALUNSA1785 RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
aMABELE4931 RegionalEast London Regional
AMAJUBA PARK, Newcastle2940 RegionalRWS NCS LOCAL
AMAJUBA, Newcastle2955 RegionalRWS NCS LOCAL
AMALGAM, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
AMALIA2786 RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
AMALINDA Boxes5252 MajorEast London Central
AMALINDA, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
AMANDAGLEN, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AMANDELBULT, Chromite0362 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGMines & Power Stations
AMANDELKROON, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AMANDELRUG, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AMANDELSIG, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AMANZIMTOTI Streets4126 MajorDurban South
AMANZIMTOTI Boxes4125 MajorDurban South
AMAOTI, KZN4080RegionalDURBAN 1High / Chain / Remote
aMATIKULU3801 Regional
AMSTELHOF, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
AMSTELHOF, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
AMSTERDAM (Tvl)2375 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
AMSTERDAM, Mpumhlanga2375 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
AMSTERDAM, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
AMSTERDAMHOEK, Port Elizabeth6210 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ANDERBOLT, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
ANERLEY4230 RegionalDurban South
ANNADALE, Pietersburg0699 Regional
ANNATY BANK, Tokai7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
ANNEX PARK, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
ANNLIN & Ext 1, Pretoria-North0182 MajorBRITS
ANSFRERE Boxes1711 MajorWest Rand Route 2
ANSFRERE, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
ANZAC, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
APEL0739 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
APEX INDUSTRIAL, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
APPLE PARK, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
AQUADENE, Richards Bay3900 Regional
AQUAPARK, Tzaneen0850 RegionalPietersberg Central
ARABIEDAM0464 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
ARBEX, Richards Bay3904 Regional
ARBOR PARK, Newcastle2954 RegionalRWS NCS LOCAL
ARBORETUM Boxes9305 MajorBloemfontein Central
ARBORETUM, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
ARBORPARK, Tzaneen0850 RegionalPietersberg Central
ARCADIA Boxes0007 MajorPretoria Central
ARCADIA, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
ARCADIA, Humansdorp6300 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ARCADIA, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ARCADIA, Pretoria0083 MajorPretoria Central
ARCELORMITTAL2951RegionalRWS NCS LOCALPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
ARCON PARK Boxes1937 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
ARCON PARK, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
ARDLEIGH PARK, Retreat7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ARENA PARK, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
ARGYLE, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
ARMADALE, Johannesburg2013 MajorWest Rand Route 1
ARNISTON, Bredasdorp7280RegionalCape East Coast 1High / Chain / Remote
ARNOLDTON, East London5247 RegionalEast London Regional
ARNOT1051 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALMines & Power Stations
ARNOT MINE1051RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALMines & Power Stations
ARTHUR'S PLACE, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
ASCENT2456 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
ASHBURNHAM, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
ASHBURTON, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
ASHDOWN, Plessislaer4500 RegionalDurban North
ASHERVILLE, Durban4091 MajorDurban Central
ASHERVILLE, Graaff-Reinet6280 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ASHLEA GARDENS, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
ASHLEY, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
ASHTON6715 RegionalBoland
ASHWOOD Boxes3605 MajorPinetown
ASHWOOD, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
ASIATIC BAZAAR, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
ASKHAM8814 RegionalKimberley Regional
ASKRAAL6762 RegionalGeorge Regional
ASPEN HEIGHTS, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ASSAGAY, Hillcrest3650 MajorPinetown
ASSEGAI, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
ASTON BAY, Jeffreys Bay6330 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ASTON MANOR Boxes1630 MajorEast Rand
ASTON MANOR, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
ATAMELANG, Scheweizer Reneke2780 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ATHLONE (Cape Town)7760 MajorTownship 1
ATHLONE Cape Town7764 MajorTownship 1
ATHLONE INDUSTRIA, Athlone7764 MajorTownship 1
ATHLONE INDUSTRIA, Cape Town7764 MajorTownship 1
ATHLONE PARK, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
ATHLONE, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
ATHLONE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
ATHOLHURST, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
ATHOLHURSTON, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
ATHOLL Ext/Uit 12, Strathoven2031 MajorSandton
ATHOLL GARDENS, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
ATHOLL HEIGHTS, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
ATHOLL, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
ATLANTIS, Cape Town7349 RegionalWest Coast
ATLAS GARDENS, Durbanville7550MajorNorthern Suburbs
ATLASVILLE & Ext 1, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
ATLASVILLE Boxes1465 MajorEast Rand
ATOK0749 RegionalRWS PTG OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
ATOOM0514 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ATTERIDGEVILLE0008 MajorPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
AUCKLAND PARK Boxes2006 MajorWest Rand Route 1
AUCKLAND PARK, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
AUCKLAND PARK, Johannesburg (UJ Postal)2092Major
AUDAS Est, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
AUGRABIES8874 RegionalKimberley Regional
AURORA7325 RegionalWest Coast
AURORA Est, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AURORA, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AUSTERVILLE Boxes4005 MajorDurban Central
AUSTERVILLE, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
AUSTINVILLE, Blackheath (Cape Town)7581 MajorTownship 1
AVALANO Tsp, Krugersdorp1739 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
AVIAN PARK, WORCESTER6850RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
AVOCA HILLS, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
AVOCA, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
AVONDALE Est/Lgd, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AVONDALE, Atlantis7349 RegionalWest Coast
AVONDSTEL, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
AVONTUUR6490 RegionalGeorge Regional
AVONWOOD, Elsies River7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
AZAADVILLE1750 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
AZALIA, Standerton2430 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONAL
AZIATIC BAZAAR, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
BAARDSKEERDERSBOS7271 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
BABANANGO3850 RegionalRWS NCS OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
BABELEGI0407RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
BABETHU0488 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BABIRWA0716 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BADPLAAS1190 RegionalWitbank
BAGLEYSTON, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
BAILEYS MUCKLENEUK, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
BAILLIE PARK Boxes2526 Regional
BAILLIE PARK, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
BAIN'S VLEI9338 MajorBloemfontein Central
BAKENBERG0611 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BAKERTON, Payneville1565 MajorEast Rand
BAKERVILLE2742 RegionalJohannesburg North West
BAKERVILLE GARDENS, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
BAKERVILLE, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
BAKKERSHOOGTE, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
BAKKERSVILLE, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BAKONE0746 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
BAKOVEN, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
BALLITO4420 RegionalDurban North
BALLOT VIEW, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
BALMORAL (Tvl)1037 RegionalWitbank
BALMORAL Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BALMORAL, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
BALTIMORE, Limpopo0619 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
BALVINIE, Elsies River7490 MajorTownship 1
BANDELIERKOP0800 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
BANHOEK, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
BANK, Carletonville Mine2500RegionalMines & Power Stations
BANTRY BAY, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
BAPSFONTEIN, Petit1512 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
BARAGWANATH, Johannesburg2013 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BARANDAS6480 RegionalGeorge Regional
BARBAROSA Est, Constantia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BARBERSPAN2765 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BARBERTON1300 Regional
BARBERTON1300 RegionalNelspruit Regional
BARDENE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BARKAROSA, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BARKLY EAST5580 RegionalEast London Regional
BARKLY OOS5580 RegionalEast London Regional
BARKLY WEST8375 RegionalKimberley Regional
BARKLY-WES8375 RegionalKimberley Regional
BARLOW PARK, Wendywood2148 MajorSandton
BARODA5882 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
BARRYDALE6750 RegionalGeorge Regional
BARTLETTS, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BARVALE1202 Regional
BARVALLEN, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
BASHEWA, Pretoria0056RegionalPretoria RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
BASSONIA, Glenvista2061 MajorRandburg
BATHO, Bloemfontein9323 MajorBloemfontein Central
BATHURST6166 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
BATLHAROS, Kuruman8460RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BAY VIEW VILLAGE7798MajorSouthern Suburbs
BAY VIEW, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
BAY VIEW, Hartenbos6520 RegionalGeorge Regional
BAY VIEW, Mossel Bay6500 RegionalGeorge Regional
BAYALA3966 Regional
BAYHEAD, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
BAYNESFIELD3770 Regional
BAYRIDGE, Tableview7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
BAYSVILLE, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
BAYSWATER, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
BEACH Est, Houtbay7800 RegionalCAPE TOWN 27
BEACH, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
BEACHWOOD, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
BEACON BAY East London5241 MajorEast London Central
BEACON BAY Boxes5205 MajorEast London Central
BEACON BAY VALLEY, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
BEACON VALLEY, Mitchells Plein7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BEACONBAAI Busse5205 MajorEast London Central
BEACONBAAI, Oos-Londen5241 MajorEast London Central
BEACONSFIELD Boxes8315 MajorKimberley Central
BEACONSFIELD, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
BEACONSFIELD, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
BEACONVALE Est/Lgd, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BEAUFORT WEST6970 RegionalGeorge Regional
BEAUFORT-WES6970 RegionalGeorge Regional
BEAUMONT, Parys9585 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
BEAUTY0538 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BEDFORD5780 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
BEDFORD GARDENS, Bedfordview2008 MajorEast Rand
BEDFORDPARK, Bedfordview2008 MajorEast Rand
BEDFORDVIEW2008 MajorEast Rand
BEDWORTH PARK, Vereeniging1940 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
BEESHOEK8423RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BEESTEKRAAL0255 RegionalRBG RUSTENBURGHigh / Chain / Remote
BEKKERSDAL, Westonaria1780 Regional
BELFAST (Tvl)1100 RegionalWitbank
BELFORT Est/Lgd, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
BELGRAVIA Est, Athlone7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BELGRAVIA, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELGRAVIA, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
BELGRAVIA, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
BELGRAVIA, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
BELHAR Boxes7507 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELHAR, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BELLA VISTA Boxes6837 RegionalBoland
BELLA VISTA, Ceres6835 RegionalBoland
BELLAIR Boxes4006 MajorDurban Central
BELLAIR Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELLAIR, Durban4094 MajorDurban Central
BELLAVISTA Est, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BELLAVISTA SOUTH, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BELLE OMBRE0142 MajorPretoria Central
BELLE OMBRE, Constantia (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BELLEVUE CENTRAL, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
BELLEVUE EAST, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
BELLEVUE, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
BELLEVUE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
BELLEVUE, Upington8800 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BELLRAIL, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELLVIEW, Wellington7655 RegionalBoland
BELLVILLE Streets7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELLVILLE Boxes7535 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELLVILLE SOUTH, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELLVILLE Streets - GOREEFERS LOGISTICS7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELLVILLE-SUID, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELMONT8720 RegionalKimberley Regional
BELMONT PARK, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BELTHORNE Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BELVEDERE, Hillcrest3610 MajorPinetown
BELVEDERE, Tongaat4400 RegionalDurban North
BELVIDERE, George6570RegionalGeorge Regional
BELVINIE Est, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BEN KAMMA, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BEN SCHOEMAN DOCKS, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
BENDOR PARK & Ext 1, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
BENMORE2010 MajorJohannesburg Central
BENMORE GARDENS, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
BENNO PARK, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BENONI Streets/Strate1501 MajorEast Rand
BENONI Boxes1500 MajorEast Rand
BENONI Ext/Uit 4, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
BENONI NORTH, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
BENONI SOUTH Boxes1502 MajorEast Rand
BENONI SOUTH, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
BENONI WEST Boxes1503 MajorEast Rand
BENONI WEST, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
BENORYN Boxes1504 MajorEast Rand
BENORYN, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
BENROSE Boxes2011 MajorJohannesburg Central
BENROSE, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
BERARIO, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
BEREA PARK, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
BEREA ROAD, DURBAN4007 MajorDurban Central
BEREA WEST, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
BEREA, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
BEREA, Durban - ISS VOIGT SHIPPING4001 MajorDurban Central
BEREA, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
BEREA, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
BEREAVILLE7232 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
BEREA-WES, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
BERGBRON & Ext 1 - 3, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
BERGSIG, Caledon7230 RegionalCape East Coast 1
BERGSIG, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BERGSIG, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
BERGSIG, Heidelberg (Tvl)2400 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
BERGSIG, Kirkwood6120 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
BERGSIG, Montagu6720 RegionalBoland
BERGSIG, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
BERGSIG, Springbok8240 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
BERGSIG, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
BERGVLEI Boxes2012 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BERGVLIET Streets7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BERGVLIET Boxes7864 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BERGZICHT, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
BERKSHIRE DOWNS, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
BERLIN (Cape)5660 RegionalEast London Regional
BERNADINO HEIGHTS, Kraaifontein7570 MajorTownship 1
BEROMA, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BERTON PARK, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BERTRAMS, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
BERTSHAM2013 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BETHELSDORP, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BETHULIE9992 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BETTY'S BAY7141 RegionalCape East Coast 1
BETTYSBAAI7141 RegionalCape East Coast 1
BEVERLEY GARDENS, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
BEVERLEY GROVE, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BEVERLEY HILLS, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BEVERLEY HILLS, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
BEVERLY HILLS - Evaton (Vaal)1984RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
BEVERLY PARK, Eersterivie7100 MajorTownship 1
BEYERSPARK & Ext 3, 6, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BEZUIDENHOUTS VALLEY, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
BHOMELA LOCATION, Port Shepstone3100RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
BHONGWENI, Kokstad4700 RegionalDurban South
BIERSPRUIT, Rustenburg0300 Regional
BIESIESFONTEIN8203 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
BIESIESVLEI2755 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BIG BAY, BLOUBERG7441 MajorWest Coast
BINGLEY0436 RegionalWitbank OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
BIRCH ACRES & Ext 3, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
BIRCHLEIGH & Ext 6, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
BIRCHLEIGH Boxes1621 MajorEast Rand
BIRCHLEIGH NORTH & Ext , Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
BIRDHAVEN, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
BIRNAM PARK2015 MajorJohannesburg Central
BIRNAM, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
BISHO5605RegionalEast London Regional
BISHOP LAVIS, Lavistown7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BISHOPSCOURT Est/Lgd, Claremont (Cape Town)7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BISHOPSGATE4008 MajorDurban Central
BISLEY HEIGHTS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
BISLEY VALLEY, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
BITTERFONTEIN8200 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
BIZANA4800RegionalDurban South
BLAAUWBERG, Blouberg7441MajorCAPE TOWN 30
BLACK RIVER, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BLACK ROCK MINE SHAFT, KURUMAN8460 RegionalKimberley RegionalMines & Power Stations
BLACKHEATH & Ext 1, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
BLACKHEATH (Cape Town)7581 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BLACKHILL1032 RegionalWitbankMines & Power Stations
BLACKHURST, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
BLAIR PARK, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BLAIRGOWRIE, Johannesburg2194 MajorRandburg
BLANCHEVILLE, Witbank1035 RegionalWitbank
BLANCO6531 MajorGeorge Central
BLANDFORD RIDGE, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
BLANWICK PARK, Springs1559 MajorJNB SDX 200
BLIKFONTEIN8378 RegionalKimberley Regional
BLOEKOMVILLE, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
BLOEMENDAL, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BLOEMFONTEIN CBD9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
BLOEMFONTEIN Boxes9300 MajorBloemfontein Central
BLOEMFONTEIN, UPD (Div of NCSA)9300MajorBloemfontein CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
BLOEMHOF, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BLOEMSMOND8810 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BLOEMSPRUIT9364 MajorBloemfontein Central
BLOMANDA, Bloemfontein9323 MajorBloemfontein CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
BLOMMENDAL, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BLOMTUIN Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BLOMVLEI Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BLOMVLEI, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BLOUBERGRANT, Jukskeipark2153 MajorRandburg
BLOUBERGRISE, Tableview7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
BLUE DOWNS, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BLUE HEAVEN, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
BLUE HEIGHTS, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
BLUE HILLS, Halfway House1685 MajorMidrand
BLUE HORIZON BAY6011 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
BLUE HORIZON, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BLUE RIDGE, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
BLUE RISE, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
BLUEGUM, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownship 1
BLUEWATER BAY, Port Elizabeth6210 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BLUFF, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
BLYDEVILLE, Lichtenburg2740 Regional
BLYTHEDALE BEACH, Stanger4450 RegionalDurban North
BLYVOORUITSIG, Carletonville2504 RegionalMines & Power Stations
BOAST VILLAGE, Port Elizabeth6200 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOATLAKE VILLAGE, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
BOCHABELLA, Bloemfontein9323 MajorBloemfontein Central
BOCHUM0790 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
BODIBE, Lichtenburg2740RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOEKENHOUT0561 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOEKENHOUT, Rustenburg0300 Regional
BOESMANSKOP9951 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BOETRAND, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
BOHLOKONG, Theronville9702 RegionalRWS HARRISMITH REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
BOICHOKO, Postmasburg8420 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOIKANYO2625 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOIKETLO2537 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOIKHUTSONG, Wolmaransstad2630 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOIPATONG1901 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BOITEKONG TOWNSHIP, Rustenburg0300RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOKMAKIERIE, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownship 1
BOKSBURG Streets1459 MajorEast Rand
BOKSBURG Boxes1460 MajorEast Rand
BOKSBURG EAST, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BOKSBURG NORTH Boxes1461 MajorEast Rand
BOKSBURG NORTH, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BOKSBURG SOUTH, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BOKSBURG WEST, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BOLEU0474 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
BOLO RESERVE4935 RegionalEast London Regional
BOLOKANANG, Petrusburg9932 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOLTONIA, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
BOMBAL Est, Ottery7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BOMBAY HEIGHTS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
BON ACCORD0009 RegionalPretoria Regional
BONAERO PARK & Ext, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
BONAERO PARK Boxes1622 MajorEast Rand
BONAERO PARK Ext 1 , Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
BONELA4091MajorDurban North
BONGOLETHU, Bridgmanville6621 RegionalGeorge Regional
BONGWENI, Colesberg5980 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BONGWENI, Khayelitsha7784 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BONGWENI, Randfontein1760 RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
BONISANI0927 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
BONNIE DOONE, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
BONNIEBROOK, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BONNIEVALE6730 RegionalBoland
BONNIEVALE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
BONNY BROOK, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BONTEBOK NAT PARK, Swellendam6740 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
BONTHEUWEL Boxes7763 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BONTHEUWEL Streets7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BONZA BAY, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
BOONS2807 Regional
BOORDFONTEIN WEST, Pretoria0201 MajorPretoria Central
BOORDFONTEIN, Pretoria0201 MajorPretoria Central
BOORDFONTEIN-WES, Pretoria0201 MajorPretoria Central
BOOTH AANSLUITING, Durban4094 MajorDurban Central
BOOTH JUNCTION, Durban4094 MajorDurban Central
BOOYSENS Boxes2016 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BOOYSENS PARK, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BOOYSENS RESERVE, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BOOYSENS, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BOOYSENS, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
BOPHELONG, Vanderbijlpark1911RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BORDEAUX, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
BOROLELO, Swartruggens2835 Regional
BOSBELL Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BOSBOKRAND1280 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BOSCHENDAL ESTATE7646RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
BOSCHENDAL, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
BOSHOF8340 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BOSKOP, Klerksdorp2528 Regional
BOSKOP, Pretoria0040MajorPRETORIA
BOSKRUIN & Ext/Uit, Bromhof2154 MajorRandburg
BOSMONT, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BOSONIA, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BOSPOORT, Litchenburg2730 Regional
BOSTON3211 Regional
BOSTON Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BOSVILLE, Middelburg 1050 Major
BOTANIC GARDENS, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
BOTHA6857 RegionalBoland
BOTHA'S HILL3660 RegionalNatal Midlands
BOTHASIG Boxes7406 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BOTHASIG Streets7441 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BOTHAVILLE9600 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
BOTLENG, Delmas2210 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
BOTRIVIER7185 RegionalCape East Coast 1
BOTRIVIER7185 RegionalCape East Coast 1
BOTSHABELO Streets9781 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BOTSHABELO Boxes9781 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BOTTERKLOOF6774 RegionalGeorge Regional
BOTTLEBRUSH, Richards Bay3903 Regional
BOUGHTON, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
BOULDERS BEACH, Simon's Town7995MajorCAPE TOWN 28
BOURKE'S LUCK1272 Regional
BOYNE0728 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
BRAAMFISCHER1863 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BRAAMFONTEIN , Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
BRAAMFONTEIN Boxes2017 MajorJohannesburg Central
BRACKEN DOWNS & Ext, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
BRACKEN DOWNS Boxes1454 MajorEast Rand
BRACKEN GARDENS Boxes1452 MajorEast Rand
BRACKEN GARDENS, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
BRACKEN HEIGHTS, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BRACKENFELL7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BRACKENHURST & Ext, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
BRACKVILLE, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BRAELYN HEIGHTS, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
BRAELYN, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
BRAEMAR4202 RegionalDurban South
BRAKFONTEIN AREA5205RegionalEast London Regional
BRAKPAN1540 MajorEast Rand
BRAKPAN NORTH1545 MajorEast Rand
BRAMHOPE, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BRAMLEY Boxes2018 MajorJohannesburg Central
BRAMLEY GARDENS, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
BRAMLEY MANOR, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
BRAMLEY NORTH, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
BRAMLEY PARK, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
BRAMLEY RESERVE, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
BRAMLEY VIEW, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
BRAMLEY, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
BRAMLEY, Johannesburg - YUGO TRADING cc2090 MajorSandton
BRAND SE BAAI7204RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
BRANDFORT9400 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BRANDHOF Boxes9324 MajorBloemfontein Central
BRANDHOF, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
BRANDPAN9471 Regional
BRAND'S POST9871 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BRANDSPRUIT2303 RegionalWitbank
BRANDVLEI7020 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
BRANDWAG6507 RegionalGeorge Regional
BRANDWAG, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
BRANDWAG, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BRANDWAG, Macassar7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
BRANDWAG, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
BRANDWAG, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
BRANDWOOD, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BRAY8620 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
BREAUNANDA Ext 1 - 3, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
BREAUNANDA, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
BRECKNOCK, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
BREDASDORP7280RegionalCape East Coast 1
BREDELL1623 MajorEast Rand
BREEDE RIVER6858 RegionalBoland
BREERIVIER6858 RegionalBoland
BREIDBACH, King William's Town5600 RegionalEast London Regional
BRENCANIA, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
BRENDAVERE, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
BRENTHURST & Ext 1, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
BRENTHURST Boxes1542 MajorEast Rand
BRENTWOOD PARK & Ext, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
BRENTWOOD PARK Boxes1505 MajorEast Rand
BRENTWOOD PARK, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
BRENTWOOD PARK, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BRENTWOODPARK, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
BRIARDENE, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
BRIDGEBANK, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
BRIDGEMEAD, Port Elizabet6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BRIDGETOWN, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownship 1
BRIDGMANVILLE6621 RegionalGeorge Regional
BRIDGTON Boxes6623 RegionalGeorge Regional
BRIDGTON, Oudtshoorn6620 RegionalGeorge Regional
BRIGHTON BEACH Boxes4009 MajorDurban Central
BRIGHTON BEACH, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
BRIGHTSIDE, Ladybrand9745 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BRITS0250 Regional
BRITS0250 Regional
BRITSTOWN8970 RegionalKimberley Regional
BRIXTON Boxes2019 MajorWest Rand Route 2
BRIXTON, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
BRIZA Est, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
BROADWAY, Johannesburg2020 MajorWest Rand Route 2
BROADWOOD, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BROEDERSPUT8624 RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
BROMBEEK0906 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
BROMHOF Boxes2154 MajorRandburg
BROMHOF, Randburg2154 MajorRandburg
BRONBERRIK, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
BRONDAL1200 RegionalNelspruit Regional
BRONKHORSTSPRUIT1020 RegionalWitbank
BROOKDALE, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
BROOKLYN, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
BROOKLYN, Ysterplaat7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
BROOKLYN,PRETORIA Boxes0011 MajorPretoria Central
BROOKMEAD, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
BROOKVILLE, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
BRUMA, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
BRUMMERIA & Ext 2, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
BRUMMERIA EXT 2, Pretoria - CSIR0184MajorPretoria Central
BRUYNS HILL3452 RegionalNatal Midlands
BRYANBRINK, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON2021 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON Boxes2021 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON EAST, Sloane Park2152 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON Ext 3 & 5, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON Ext 32, Petervale2151 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON Ext, Uitmerview2060 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON MANOR, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON WEST, Cramerview2060 MajorRandburg
BRYANSTON-OOS, Sloane Park2152 MajorRandburg
BRYMORE, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
BRYNTIRION, Pretoria0083 MajorPretoria Central
BUCCLEUCH, Sandton2066 MajorSandton
BUCKINGHAM Est, Rondebosch7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
BUENA VISTA, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
BUFFALO FLATS & Ext, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
BUFFALO PASS HEIGHTS, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
BUFFALO Tsp, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
BUFFELJAGS RIVER6742 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
BUFFELJAGSRIVIER6742 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
BUFFELSDALE, Tongaat4400 RegionalDurban North
BUFFELSPOORT RESORT0.25RegionalPretoria RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
BUHRMANNSDRIF2867 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BULEMBU AIRPORT5608RegionalEast London Regional
BULGE RIVER0531 RegionalPIETERSBURG JNBHigh / Chain / Remote
BULL HILL8535 RegionalKimberley Regional
BULTFONTEIN9670 Regional
BULTFONTEIN, Pyramid0120 RegionalPretoria Regional
BULTHOUDERSIG6971 RegionalGeorge Regional
BULTIES Est, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
BULWER4575 RegionalPZB SANNI 1
BULWOOD4010 MajorDurban Central
BUNKERS HILL, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
BURGERSDORP (BFN)9744 RegionalWelkom Regional
BURGERSDORP (Cape)5520 RegionalEast London Regional
BURGERSDORP, Johannesburg2092 RegionalWest Rand Route 1
BURGERSFORT MINES1150 RegionalRWS PTG OUTLYINGMines & Power Stations
BURGERSFORT,BFN9744 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
BURGERSHOOP, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
BURGERSPARK0012 MajorPretoria Central
BURLINGTON HEIGHTS, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
BUSHBUCKRIDGE1280 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
BUSHHILL, Bromhof2154 MajorRandburg
BUSHKOPPIES, Kliptown1812 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
BUSHLANDS, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
BUSHMANS RIVER MOUTH6190 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
BUTTERWORTH4960 RegionalEast London Regional
BUURENDAL, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
BUXEDENI3938 Regional
BUYSDORP0923 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
CACHET Boxes2524 Regional
CACHET, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
CADLES, Port Elizabeth6001 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
CAFDA, Retreat7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CAIRNS, Nelspruit1200 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
CALA5455 RegionalEast London Regional
CALEDON7230 RegionalCape East Coast 1
CALEDON SQUARE, CAPE TOWN7905 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CALITZDORP6660 RegionalGeorge Regional
CALVINIA8190 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
CAMBRIDGE Boxes5206 MajorEast London Central
CAMBRIDGE Est, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
CAMBRIDGE WEST Boxes5207 MajorEast London Central
CAMBRIDGE WEST, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
CAMBRIDGE, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
CAMBRIDGE, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
CAMDEN, Mpumalanga2355RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
CAMELOT, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CAMPBELL8360 RegionalKimberley Regional
CAMPBELLDORP, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
CAMPBELLSTOWN, Mount Edge4300 RegionalDurban South
CAMPERDOWN3720 RegionalNatal Midlands
CAMPS BAY Boxes8040 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CAMPS BAY, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CAMPSDRIFT, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CANAL WALK, Cape Town7441 MajorNorthern Suburbs
CANELANDS4341 RegionalDurban North
CANESIDE, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
Cape Agulhas7287RegionalCape East Coast
CAPE RESERVE, Pretoria-West0183 MajorPretoria Central
CAPE RIVIERA, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
CAPE SETTLEMENTS, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
CAPE ST FRANCIS, Humansdorp6300 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
CAPE TOWN CBD8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CAPE TOWN Boxes8000 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CAPE TOWN DEPOT8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CAPE TOWN INT'L AIRPORT7525 MajorNorthern Suburbs
CAPE TOWN Streets - KING JAMES ADVERSTISING (PTY) 8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CAPITAL PARK Boxes0013 MajorPretoria Central
CAPITAL PARK, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
CAPRI VILLAGE, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
CAPRICORN, Pietersburg0699 Major
CARAVELLE Boxes7787 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CARAVELLE Streets7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CARENVALE, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
CARLETONVILLE Ext 8, Carletonville2500 Regional
CARLTON CENTRE, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
CARNARVON8925 RegionalNorthern CapeHigh / Chain / Remote
CAROLUSBERG8247 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
CAROLWOOD, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
CARRINGTON HEIGHTS, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
CARTERS GLEN, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
CASCADES Streets3202 Major
CASHAN, Rustenburg0300 Regional
CASON, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
CASSANDRA, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
CASSELDALE, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
CASTLE ROCK, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
CASTLETOWN Boxes7832 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CASTLETOWN, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CASTLEVIEW, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
CATHCART5310 RegionalEast London Regional
CATHEDRAL PEAK3342 RegionalNatal Midlands
CATHKIN Est, Athlone7764 MajorTownship 1
CATO MANOR, Durban4091 MajorDurban Central
CATO RIDGE3680 MajorNatal Midlands
CAVENDISH, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
CEDARVILLE4720 RegionalDurban South
CEDERBERG8136 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
CENTENARY PARK, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
CENTOCOW4601 RegionalDurban North
CENTRAHIL6006 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CENTRAL WESTERN JABAVU, Pimville1808 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CENTRAL, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
CENTRAL, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CENTURION 0157 MajorPretoria Central
CENTURION ESQUIRE0157 MajorPretoria Central
CENTURION, Mercury Pretoria0157MajorMERCURY PRY
CENTURION, Trade Model Twelve0157 MajorPretoria Central
CENTURY CITY, Cape Town7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
CERES6835 RegionalBoland
CERUTIVILLE, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
CEZA3866 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
CHALUMNA, EAST LONDON5264RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
CHAMDOR, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
CHANTECLER, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
CHARLES LLOYD Tsp, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
CHARLESTON HILL Boxes7621 RegionalBoland
CHARLESTON HILL, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
CHARLESVILLE, Jagersfontein9974 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
CHARLESVILLE, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CHARLO & Ext 5, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CHARTERSTON, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
CHARTWELL1748 MajorJohannesburg Central
CHARUGO Est, Grassy Park7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CHASE VALLEY DOWNS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CHASE VALLEY HEIGHTS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CHASE VALLEY, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CHASEDENE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CHATSGLEN4012 MajorDurban Central
CHATSWORTH Boxes4030 MajorDurban Central
CHATSWORTH, Durban4092 MajorDurban Central
CHATTY, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CHELMSFORD PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
CHELMSFORDVILLE, Gillitts3610 MajorPinetown
CHELSEA Est, Lansdown7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CHELTONDALE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
CHEMPET Boxes7442 MajorWestern Suburbs
CHEMPET, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
CHESTERVILLE, Durban4001 MajorPinetownHigh / Chain / Remote
CHILTERN HILLS, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
CHISELHURST & Ext, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
CHISELHURST Ext 3, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
CHISLEHURSTON, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
CHLOORKOP1624 MajorEast Rand
CHLOORKOP -Spirax Sarco1624 MajorEast Rand
CHRISMAR Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
CHRISSIEFONTEIN1963 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
CHRISTIANA2680 RegionalKimberley Regional
CHRISTMAS ROCK, East London5200RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
CHRISTOBURG, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
CHRISVILLE & Ext 1, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CHROMITE0362 RegionalNYLSTROOM REGIONALMines & Power Stations
CHROOMPARK, Potgietersrus0600 RegionalPietersberg Central
CHUENESPOORT0745 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
CHURCHILL Est/Lgd, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
CINDA PARK Boxes1463 MajorEast Rand
CINDA PARK, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
CINDERELLA, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
CINTSA EAST5275 RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
CINTSA-OOS5275 RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
CITRUSDAL7340 RegionalWest Coast
CITY DEEP Boxes2049 MajorJohannesburg Central
CITY DEEP, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
CITY WEST, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CLAIREWOOD, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
CLAIRWOOD, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
CLAM HALL, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
CLANOR1351 Regional
CLANSTHAL, Umkomaas4170 RegionalDurban South
CLANWILLIAM8135 RegionalWest Coast
CLARE Est/Lgd, Durban4091 MajorDurban Central
CLAREDON, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CLAREINCH Boxes7740 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CLAREINCH Streets7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CLAREMONT (Cape Town)7735 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CLAREMONT Cape Town7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CLAREMONT, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CLAREMONT, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
CLARENDON Est, Mowbray7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CLARENDON, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CLARENSPARK, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
CLARIDGE3400 RegionalNatal Midlands
CLARKES Est, Elsies River7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CLARKSON6302 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
CLAUDIUS, Laudium0037 MajorPretoria Central
CLAYFIELD, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
CLAYVILLE EAST, Olifantsfontein1665 MajorPretoria Central
CLEARY Est, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CLELAND, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CLERMONT3610RegionalDurban CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
CLERMONT, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
CLERNAVILLE Boxes3602 MajorPinetown
CLEVEDEN, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
CLEVELAND Boxes2022 MajorJohannesburg Central
CLEVELAND, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
CLEWER1036 RegionalWitbank
CLIFFDALE3700 RegionalNatal Midlands
CLIFTON PARK, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
CLIFTON PARK, Gillitts (Natal)3610 MajorPinetown
CLIFTON, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
CLOCOLAN9735 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
CLOETESVILLE Boxes7611 MajorTownship 1
CLOETESVILLE, Stellenbosch7600 MajorTownship 1
CLOVELLY, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
CLOVERDENE, Putfontein1513 MajorEast Rand
CLUBVIEW Boxes0014 MajorPretoria Central
CLUBVIEW EAST, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
CLUBVIEW WEST, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
CLUBVIEW, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
CLUBVIEW, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
CLUBVIEW-OOS, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
CLUBVIEW-WES, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
CLUBVILLE, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
CLYDESDALE, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
CLYNTON, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
co1544 MajorEast Rand
COALVILLE1033 RegionalWitbankMines & Power Stations
COEGA Harbour6100RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
COEGA Industrial6100 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
COETZENBURG Boxes7602 MajorTownship 1
COETZENBURG, Stellenbosch7600 MajorTownship 1
COETZERSDAM8611 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
COFFEE BAY - NO SERVICE5082RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
COFIMVABA5380RegionalEast London Regional
COLBYN Boxes0015 MajorPretoria Central
COLBYN, Pretoria0083 MajorPretoria Central
COLCHESTER6175 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
COLDSTREAM6311 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
COLESBERG9795 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
COLESKEPLAAS6689 RegionalGeorge Regional
COLIGNY2725 Regional
COLLERVILLE, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
COLLONDALE, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
COLORADO PARK, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
COLVILLE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
COMEDIS, Port Shepstone4240RegionalDurban South
COMET, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
COMPTONVILLE, Johannesburg2064 MajorJohannesburg Central
CONCORDIA8271 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
CONERA Boxes9431 Regional
CONERA, Virginia (OFS)9430 Regional
CONGELLA Boxes4013 MajorDurban Central
CONGELLA, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
CONGELLA,Durban - CHANDLING INTL4001 RegionalDurban Central
CONISTON PARK, Retreat7945 MajorTownship 1
CONISTON, Constantia (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CONISTON, Verulam4340 RegionalDurban North
CONNAUGHT Est, Elsies River7490 MajorTownship 1
CONSOLIDATED MAIN REEF, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
CONSORT PARK, Retreat7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CONSTANTIA (Cape Town)7848 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CONSTANTIA Cape Town7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CONSTANTIA HILL Est, (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CONSTANTIA KLOOF, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
CONSTANTIA, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
CONSTANTIA, Lengau9499 Regional
CONSTANTIAPARK, Pretoria0010 MajorPretoria Central
CONSTANTIAVALE, Constantia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CONVILLE, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
COOKHOUSE5820 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
COOPER'S KLOOF6007 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
COR DELFOS0016 MajorPretoria Central
CORLETT GARDENS, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
CORNUTA, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
CORONA0254 RegionalPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
CORONATION3107 RegionalNatal Midlands
CORONATIONVILLE, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CORRIEMOOR, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
COTSWOLD & Ext/Uit, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
COTSWOLD Ext/Uit 2, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
COTSWOLD HILLS, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
COTTESLOE, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
COTTONDALE1361 Regional
COUNTRY LIFE PARK, Cramerview2060 MajorRandburg
COURTRAI, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
COWDRAY PARK, Cramerview2060 MajorRandburg
COWIE'S HILL PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
COWIE'S HILL, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
CPT AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL, (Cape Town)7490 MajorNorthern Suburbs
CRADOCK5880 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
CRADOCK PLACE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CRAIGAVON, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
CRAIGBAIN Tsp, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CRAIGHALL Boxes2024 MajorRandburg
CRAIGHALL PARK, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
CRAIGHALL, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
CRAMERVIEW, Bryanston2060 MajorRandburg
CRAMOND3420 RegionalNatal Midlands
CRANBROOKVALE, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
CRAVENBY Boxes7508 MajorTownship 1
CRAVENBY Est, Elsies River7490 MajorTownship 1
CRAVENBY, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownship 1
CRAWFORD Boxes7770 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CRAWFORD Streets7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
CRECY0562 RegionalNYLSTROOM REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
CRESSLAWNS, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
CRESTA & Ext 2, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
CRESTA Boxes2118 MajorRandburg
CRESTONHILL, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
CRESTVIEW, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
CRESWELL PARK, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
CROESUS, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CROFTDENE, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
CROMEVILLE, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
CROSBY, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CROSSMOOR, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
CROSSROADS7753MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CROSSROADS Boxes7753 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
CROWN GARDENS, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CROWN MINES Boxes2025 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CROWN MINES, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
CROWTHORNE1685 MajorMidrand
CROYDON, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
CRUYWAGENPARK, Elsburg1407 MajorEast Rand
CRYSBESTOS1307 Regional
CRYSTAL GARDENS, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
CRYSTAL PARK1515 MajorEast Rand
CRYSTAL PARK Boxes1515 MajorEast Rand
CULEMBEECK, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
CULEMBORGPARK, Randfontein1760 RegionalJohannesburg North West
CULLDENE, Cradock5880 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
CULLINAN1000 RegionalWitbank
CUMBERWOOD Boxes3201MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CUMBERWOOD, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
CURRYS POST3290 RegionalRWS LDY REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
CYRILDENE Boxes2026 MajorWest Rand Route 2
CYRILDENE, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
CZ MILNERTON, Street7441MajorWestern Suburbs
DA GAMA PARK, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
DA GAMASKOP Boxes6501 RegionalGeorge Regional
DA GAMASKOP, Mossel Bay6500 RegionalGeorge Regional
DADAVILLE, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
DAGGAFONTEIN & Ext 1, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
DAGGAFONTEIN Boxes1573 MajorEast Rand
DAL FOUCHE, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
DAL JOSAFAT, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
DALBRIDGE Boxes4014 MajorDurban Central
DALBRIDGE, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
DALECROSS, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
DALESIDE,Johannesburg1873 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
DALPARK & Ext 1, 6, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
DALPARK Boxes1543 MajorEast Rand
DALROPARK, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DALSIG, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
DALTON3470 RegionalWest Rand Route 2
DALTON3236RegionalNatal Midlands
DALTON,Durban City4013 MajorDurban Central
DALVIEW, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
DAN PIENAAR, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
DAN PIENAARVILLE, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
DANABAY6510 RegionalGeorge Regional
DANARAND, Kuils River7580 MajorTownship 1
DANCKERTVILLE Boxes7305 RegionalWest Coast
DANCKERTVILLE, Malmesbury7300 RegionalWest Coast
DANENA, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DANHOF Boxes9310 MajorBloemfontein Central
DANHOF, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
DANIA PARK, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
DANIEL BRINKPARK, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
DANIELSKUIL8405 RegionalKimberley Regional
DANSKRAAL, Ladysmith (Natal)3370RegionalRWS LDY LOCAL
DANVILLE Boxes0018 MajorPretoria Central
DANVILLE, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
DARGLE3265 RegionalPietermaritzburg Central
DARLING7345 RegionalWest Coast
DARNALL4480 RegionalDurban North
DARRENWOOD & Ext 2, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
DASPOORT Boxes0019 MajorPretoria Central
DASPOORT, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
DASSENBERG Boxes7350 RegionalWest Coast
DASSENBERG Streets7349 RegionalWest Coast
DASSENHOEK, Nagina3604 MajorPinetown
DASSIERAND, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
DAVANNA, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
DAVENPORT4001 MajorDurban Central
DAVEYTON1507 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DAVIDSONVILLE & Ext 2, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
DAVIDSONVILLE NORTH, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
DAWKINSVILLE, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
DAWN CREST, Verulam4340 RegionalDurban North
DAWN CREST, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
DAWN PARK & Ext 2, 4, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
DAWN VIEW, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
DAWN, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
DAWNCLIFFE, Westville3630 MajorPinetown
DAYANGLEN, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
DE AAR7000 RegionalKimberley Regional
DE BEERS, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
DE BEERS, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
DE BEERSHOOGTE, Barkly West8375 RegionalKimberley Regional
DE BRUG9928 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
DE BRUINPARK, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
DE CLERQVILLE, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
DE DEUR1884 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
DE DOORNS6875 RegionalBoland
DE DUIN, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DE KUILEN, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DE MIST, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
DE RUST6650 RegionalGeorge Regional
DE TIJGER7502 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DE TIJGERPARK, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DE WATERKANT, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
DE WET6853 RegionalBoland
DE WILDT0251 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
DEACONVILLE, Macassar7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
DEAL PARTY, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
DEALESVILLE9348 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
DEBE NEK5604RegionalEast London Regional
DEELKRAAL, Carletonville2500 Regional
DEEMOUNT4681 RegionalDurban South
DEEP SOUTH2536 RegionalJohannesburg North West
DEEPDALE4521 RegionalDurban North
DEEPMEADOW, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DEER PARK0852 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
DEERNESS, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
DEFENCE FORCE AREA, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
DEJERRING HEIGHTS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
DEKLERKSHOF, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
DEL JUDOR & Ext 1, Witbank1035 Major
DELAHAYE Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DELAREY, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
DELFT, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DELMAS2210 RegionalWitbank
DELMENVILLE Boxes1403 MajorEast Rand
DELMENVILLE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
DELMORE1404 MajorEast Rand
DELPORTON, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
DELPORTSHOOP8377 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
DELVILLE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
DELVILLE, Pacaltsdorp6534 MajorGeorge Central
DENDRON0715 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
DENLEE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
DENNEBURG, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
DENNEDAL, Tokai7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DENNEHOF, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
DENNEMERE, Blackheath (Cape Town)7581 MajorTownship 1
DENNE-OORD, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
DENNESIG Boxes7601MajorBoland 1
DENNESIG Streets7601MajorBoland 1
DENNESIG, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
DENNESIG, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
DENNILTON1030 RegionalWitbank
DENNY DALTON3837 Regional
DENVER Boxes2027 MajorJohannesburg Central
DENVER, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
DENVER, Mercury Johannesburg2094MajorMERCURY JNB
DERBY2820 Regional
DERSLEY Boxes1569 MajorEast Rand
DERSLEY, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
DERWENT Est, Ottery7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DES HAMPTON, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DESAINAGAR4405 RegionalDurban North
DESPATCH6220 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
DEVIL'S PEAK, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
DEVLAND, Johannesburg2013 MajorWest Rand Route 1High / Chain / Remote
DEVON PARK, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
DEVONDALE8602 RegionalKimberley Regional
DEWALT HATTINGHPARK, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
DEWETSDORP9940 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
DEWETSHOF, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
DEWITSRUS, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
DIAZVILLE Boxes7397 RegionalWest Coast
DIAZVILLE, Saldanha7395 RegionalWest Coast
DIBASABOPHELO0457 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
DIBENG8463 RegionalKimberley Regional
DIDO VALLEY, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
DIE BOORD, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
DIE BULTE, Vredendal8160 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
DIE HEUWEL, Witbank1042 Major
DIE HOEWES, Centurion0157MajorPretoria Central
DIE WILGERS, Pretoria0041 MajorPretoria Central
DIE WINGERD, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
DIEP RIVER Boxes7856 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DIEP RIVER Streets7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DIEPDALE, Mpumalanga2375RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
DIEPKLOOF & Ext, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DIEPKLOOF Boxes1864 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DIEPKLOOF HOSTEL, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DIEPKLOOF ZONE/SONE 1 - 1, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DIEPRIVIER Busse7856 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DIEPSLOOT2189MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DIFATENG2560 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DIJONG2556 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DIKGAKENG9872 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
DIKGALE0721 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
DIMBAZA5671RegionalEast London Regional
DINWIDDIE Boxes1405 MajorEast Rand
DINWIDDIE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
DISCOVERY & Ext 11, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
DISKOBOLOS8325 MajorKimberley Central
DISTRIKDORP, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
DITSOBOTLA, Lichtenburg2740RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
DLALELANI1770 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
DLAMINI & Ext 1 - 10, Tshiawelo1818 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DLOLWANA3554 RegionalNatal Midlands
DOBSONVILLE1865 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DOMINIONVILLE, Klerksdorp Mine2578 RegionalMines & Power Stations
DONKIN HILL6010 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
DONNYBROOK4560 RegionalDurban North
DOON HEIGHTS, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
DOONSIDE Boxes4135 MajorDurban South
DOONSIDE, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
DOOR-DE-KRAAL, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DOORDRIFT Est, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DOORNFONTEIN Boxes2028 MajorJohannesburg Central
DOORNFONTEIN NORTH, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
DOORNFONTEIN, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
DOORNFONTEIN, Johannesburg - COOPERVISION SA 2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
DOORNFONTEIN-NOORD, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
DOORNHOOGTE Est, Athlone7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DOORNKLOOF, Moorreesburg7310 RegionalWest Coast
DOORNKOP Boxes1723 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DOORNKOP MILITARY CAMP, Johannesburg2013 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DOORNKOP, Kearsney4453 RegionalDurban North
DOORNKOP, Roodepoort1724 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DOORNPOORT , Pretoria0017 MajorPretoria Central
DOORNPOORT Boxes0017 MajorPretoria Central
DORANDIA & Ext 10 & 1, Pretoria-North0182 Major
DORBANK6622 RegionalGeorge Regional
DORCHESTER HEIGHTS, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
DORDRECHT5435 RegionalEast London Regional
DORELAN, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
DORHILL Est, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
DORING BAY8151 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
DORINGBAAI8151 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
DORINGBOS8137 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
DORINGKLOOF, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
DORINGKOP, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
DORINGKRUIN, Klerksdorp2576 Regional
DORINGPOORT2827 Regional
DORMERTON Boxes4015 MajorDurban Central
DORMERTON, Durban4091 MajorDurban Central
DORPSPRUIT Boxes3206 Major
DORPSPRUIT, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
DOUGLAS8730 RegionalKimberley Regional
DOUGLASDALE Ext 13, 12055 MajorRandburg
DOUGLASDALE Ext 9, Cramerview2060 MajorRandburg
DOUGLASDALE Ext/Uit 4, Sloane Park2152 MajorRandburg
DOUGLASDALE, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
DOVEHOUSE, Gillitts (Natal)3610 MajorPinetown
DOWERGLEN & Ext 1 - 5, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
DOWERVILLE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
DR BRAUN Tsp, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
DRA3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
DRAAIKRAAL1112 RegionalWitbank
DRAGON PEAKS3331 RegionalNatal MidlandsPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
DRAK3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
DRAKENSBURG3340 RegionalNatal MidlandsPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
DRAYCOTT3312 RegionalNatal Midlands
DREW6741 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
DREYERSDAL Est, Bergvliet7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
DRIEFONTEIN, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
DRIEFONTEIN, Muldersdrif1747 MajorJohannesburg Central
DRIEFONTEIN, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
DRIEFONVILLE2506 RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
DRIEHOEK, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
DRIFTSANDS, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
DROEVLAKTE6773 RegionalGeorge Regional
DROMMEDARIS0021 MajorPretoria Central
DROSTDY6822 RegionalBoland 1
DROSTDY PARK, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DROSTE PARK, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
DRUIWEVLEI, Manenberg7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DRUMBLAIR, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
DRUMMOND, Botha's Hill3660 RegionalNatal Midlands
DRUSANA Boxes9311 MajorBloemfontein Central
DRY HARTS, Vryburg8601RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
DU TOIT/STA, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
DUBE & Ext/Uit, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUBE HOSTEL, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUBE VILLAGE, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUDUZA, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUDUZA, Nigel1490RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUDUZA, Uitenhage6230RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
DUFFIELD, Lichtenburg Mine2740 RegionalMines & Power Stations
DUFF'S ROAD, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
DUINEFONTEIN, Manenberg7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUINEFONTEIN, Melkbosstrand7437RegionalWest Coast
DUIWELSKLOOF0835 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
DUKATHOLE Boxes5531 RegionalEast London Regional
DUKATHOLE, Aliwal North5530 RegionalEast London Regional
DULLSTROOM1110 RegionalWitbank
DUNCANVILLE, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
DUNHILL, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
DUNKELD WEST, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
DUNKELD, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
DUNMADELEY, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
DUNNOTTAR1590 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
DUNOON - Milnerton7441 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUNSEVERN, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
DUNSWART Boxes1508 MajorEast Rand
DUNSWART, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
DUNVEGAN, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
DUNVERIA, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
DURBAN DEPOT4001 MajorDurban Central
DURBAN Boxes4000 MajorDurban Central
DURBAN CBD4001 MajorDurban Central
DURBAN DEEP, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
DURBAN NORTH Boxes4016 MajorDurban Central
DURBAN NORTH, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
DURBAN NORTH,Durban - CARGO LOGISTICS4051 MajorDurban Central
DURBAN Streets - HIRT & CARTER4001 Major
DURBAN Streets - PC TRAINING & BUSINESS COLLEGE4001 MajorDurban Central
DURBAN VILLAS, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DURBAN-NOORD, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
DURBANVILLE7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DURBANVILLE Ext 13, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DURBANVILLE HILLS, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DURBELL, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DURRHEIM Boxes7491 MajorNorthern Suburbs
DURRHEIM, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
DUXBURY, Riverclub2149 MajorSandton
DUYNEFONTEIN, Melkbosstrand7437RegionalSomerset West, Strand
DWAALBOOM0319 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
DWARS RIVER0812 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
DWESHULA4247 RegionalDurban South
DYASONSKLIP8805 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
DYNAMITE FACTORY7120 RegionalSomerset West, Strand
DYSSELSDORP6628 RegionalGeorge Regional
DZANAMI0955 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
EAGLE'S NEST, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
EARLSFIELD, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
EAST BANK, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
EAST DRIEFONTEIN, Carletonville2500RegionalMines & Power Stations
EAST END, DURBAN4018 MajorDurban Central
EAST HAVEN, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
EAST LONDON Boxes5200 MajorEast London Central
EAST LONDON CBD5201 MajorEast London Central
EAST LYNNE, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
EAST PARK, Kagiso1744 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EAST QUEENSBURGH Est/Lgd, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
EAST RAND Boxes1462 MajorEast Rand
EAST RAND, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
EAST ROCK, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EAST TOWN, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
EAST VILLAGE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
EASTBURY, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
EASTCLIFF, Hermanus7200 RegionalCape East Coast 2
EASTCLIFF, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
EASTDENE, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
EASTERN EXTENTION, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
EASTERN EXTENTION, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
EASTFIELD, Rusloo1468 MajorEast Rand
EASTGATE Boxes2103 MajorEast Rand
EASTGATE Ext 3, 4, 6,2148 MajorSandton
EASTLAKE ISLAND, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
EASTLAKE VILLAGE, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
EASTLAKE, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
EASTLEIGH, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
EASTRIDGE, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EASTVALE, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
EASTWOLDS4562 RegionalDurban North
EASTWOOD, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
EBENHAESER8149 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
eBILANYONI3185 RegionalNatal Midlands
EBONY PARK, Midrand1628 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
eBUHLENI1909 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EDELWEISS & Ext, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
EDEN GLEN & Ext 6, 15, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
EDEN GLEN Boxes1613 MajorEast Rand
EDEN PARK1455 MajorEast Rand
EDEN PARK Ext/Uit 1, Alberton1455 MajorEast Rand
EDEN PARK, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EDENBURG9908 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
EDENBURGH Est, Claremont (Cape Town)7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
EDENDALE, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
EDENDALE, Natal4505 Major
EDENVALE, Tvl Boxes1610 MajorEast Rand
EDENVALE, Tvl Streets1609 MajorEast Rand
EDENVILLE9535 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
EDENVILLE, OFS9535 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
EDGEMEAD Boxes7407 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
EDGEMEAD Streets7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
EDLEEN Boxes1625 MajorEast Rand
EDLEEN, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
EDONQABA, King William's Town5600 RegionalEast London Regional
EDUAN PARK, Pietersburg0699 Regional
EENDEKUIL7335 RegionalWest Coast
EERSTE RIVER7100 MajorTownship 1
EERSTEGOUD0701 Regional
EERSTERIVIER7100 MajorTownship 1
EERSTERUS0022 MajorPretoria Central
EERSTERUS Ext 6, Pretoria0022 MajorPretoria Central
EFFINGHAM HEIGHTS, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
EGAGASINI3972 Regional
EHRLICHPARK Boxes9312 MajorBloemfontein Central
EHRLICHPARK, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
EIKEFONTEIN Boxes7571 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EIKEFONTEIN, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EIKENHOF1872 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
EKANGALA1021 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
eKHAYALIHLE2510 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EKKLESIA, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
EKSTEENFONTEIN8284 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
eKULINDENI1301 Regional
EKUPHUMLENI, Khayelitsha7784 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EKUVUKENI2920RegionalRWS LDY OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
ELANDIA, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
ELANDS BAY8110 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
ELANDSBAAI8110 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
ELANDSFONTEIN1406 MajorEast Rand
ELANDSFONTEIN RAIL, Elandsfontein1406 MajorEast Rand
ELANDSFONTEIN SPOOR, Elandsfontein1406 MajorEast Rand
ELANDSFONTEIN, Bausch and Lomb Inh1406 MajorBausch and Lomb Inhouse
ELANDSFONTEIN, DHL Supply Chains1406 Major
ELANDSGOUD, Carletonville2508 RegionalMines & Power Stations
ELANDSHAVEN, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
ELANDSHEUWEL, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
ELANDSHOEK1208 Regional
ELANDSKOP4540 RegionalDurban North
ELANDSKRAAL3017 RegionalNatal Midlands
ELANDSKRAAL-A, Limpopo0453RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
ELANDSLAAGTE2900 RegionalNatal Midlands
ELANDSPARK, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
ELANDSPOORT, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
ELANDSRAND, Brits0250 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ELANDSRAND, Carletonville Mine2500 RegionalMines & Power Stations
ELANDSRIDGE, Carletonville Mine2500RegionalMines & Power Stations
ELARDUSPARK & Ext 1, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
ELARDUSPARK Boxes0047 MajorPretoria Central
ELCEDES, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
ELDOGLEN, Pretoria0157MajorPretoria Central
ELDORADOPARK Boxes1813 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ELDORADOPARK Ext 1 , Kliptown1812 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ELDORAIGNE & Ext 1, 3, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
ELECTRAPARK, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
ELECTRIC CITY, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ELECTRON, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
ELEPHANT PARK6109 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ELFINDALE Est, Bergvliet7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
ELGIN7180 RegionalCape East Coast 1
ELIM0960RegionalPietersberg RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ELIM (Cape)7284 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
ELIM HOSPITAL, Tvl0960 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
ELIM, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
ELLADOONE, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
ELLATON, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
ELLIOT5460 RegionalEast London Regional
ELLIOTDALE, EAST LONDON5070RegionalEast London Regional
ELLIS PARK, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
ELLIS PARK, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
ELLISRAS0555 Regional
ELMAPARK, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
ELMESTON0532 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ELNOR Est, Matroosfontein7490 MajorNorthern Suburbs
ELOFF2211 RegionalWitbank
ELOFFSDAL, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
ELONWABENI7791 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ELRICHT Est, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
ELSBURG1407 MajorEast Rand
ELSENBURG7607 RegionalBoland
ELSIES BAY, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
ELSIE'S RIVER Boxes7480 MajorTownship 1
ELSIE'S RIVER Streets7490 MajorTownship 1
ELSIESHOF, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
ELSIESRIVIER Strate7490 MajorTownship 1
ELSPARK Boxes1418 MajorEast Rand
ELSPARK, Elsburg1407 MajorEast Rand
ELTIVILLAS, Louis Trichardt0920 RegionalPietersberg Central
ELTONHILL, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
ELTORO PARK, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
ELUKWATINI0890 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
eLUKWATINI.1192 Regional
ELUNDINI, Port Elizabeth6200 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
ELWYN PARK, Crawford7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
ELYSIUM, KZN4185RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
eMALAHLENI1039 Major
EMBALENHLE2285 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
eMBALI2513 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
EMBERTON, Gillitts (Natal)3610 MajorPinetown
EMDENI & Ext/Uit, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EMDENI NORTH, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EMDENI SOUTH, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EMDENI-NOORD, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EMDENI-SUID, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EMERALD HILL6011 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
EMJINDINI, Barberton1300 RegionalNelspruit Regional
eMLANJENI0363 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EMMARENTIA & Ext, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
EMMARENTIA Boxes2029 MajorRandburg
eMONDLO3105 RegionalRWS NCS REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
EMPANGELA, Empangeni3880 Regional
EMPANGENI3880 Regional
EMPANGENI3880 Regional
EMPANGENI3910 Regional
eMPUMALANGA, Kwaggafontein0458 RegionalRWS WBK 3
eMPUNGA3562 RegionalNatal Midlands
ENDICOTT2255 RegionalWitbank
ENGCOBO5050RegionalEast London Regional
ENHLALAKAHLE, Greytown (Natal)3500 RegionalRWS LDY OUTLYING
ENKELBULT0556 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ENNERDALE1826 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ENNERDALE, Odin Park1825 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ENON6125 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ENTABENI0307 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
EPPINDUST7475 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EPPING FOREST Est, Elsies River7490 MajorTownship 1
EPPING INDUSTRIAL AREA, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EPPING INDUSTRIAL AREA, Laser Transport inhouse7460 Major
EPSOM DOWNS, Sloane Park2152 MajorRandburg
EPSWORTH, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
EQUESTRIA, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
ERASMIA Boxes0023 MajorPretoria Central
ERASMIA, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
ERASMUSKLOOF Ext/Uit 3, Wingate Park0153 MajorPretoria Central
ERASMUSRAND, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
ERIC DODD, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ERIC LOUWBURG6972 RegionalGeorge Regional
ERICA Est, Ravensmead7490 MajorTownship 1
ERNESTVILLE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
ESCOMBE, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
ESEBELENI4000 RegionalEast London Regional
ESHOWE3815 Regional
eSIKHAWINI3887 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ESPAGSDRIF8551 RegionalKimberley Regional
ESSELEN PARK, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
ESSELENPARK1626 MajorEast Rand
ESSEXVALE, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ESSEXWOLD, Bedfordview2008 MajorEast Rand
ESTADEAL6012 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ESTANCIA2331 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
ESTERA, Elsburg1407 MajorEast Rand
ESTERPARK & Ext 1, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
ESTOIRE, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
ESTON3740 RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
ETWATWA, Daveyton1507 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EUREKA Est, Elsies River7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EUREKA, Bethlehem9700 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
EUREKA, Burgersdorp (Cape)5520 RegionalEast London Regional
EVANS PARK, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
EVATON, Residensia1980 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
EVELEIGH, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
EVEREST, Thokoza1421 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
EVERGLEN, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EVERGREEN, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
EVERSDAL HEIGHTS, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EVERSDAL, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
EVERTON, Gillitts (Natal)3610 MajorPinetown
EXCELSIOR9760 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
EXCOM2023 MajorJohannesburg Central
EXTON ROAD, BLOEMFONTEIN9313 MajorBloemfontein Central
eZAKHENI2940RegionalRWS LDY REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
EZAKHENI2940 RegionalRWS LDY REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
EZENZELENI, Warden9890 RegionalRWS HARRISMITH OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
EZIBELENI5326RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
EZIMBOKODWENI, Amanzimtoti4126RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
FABRICIA, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
FACTORIA, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
FACTRETON, Maitland7405 MajorTownship 1
FAERIE GLEN Ext 2, Pretoria0043 MajorPretoria Central
FAERIE GLEN, Pretoria0043 MajorPretoria Central
FAERIE GLEN, Pretoria - Softline VIP0043 Major
FAERIE KNOWE, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
FAIRBRIDGE Est/Lgd, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
FAIRBRIDGE HEIGHTS, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FAIRFIELD Est/Lgd, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
FAIRLAND Boxes2030 MajorRandburg
FAIRLAND, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
FAIRMEAD, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
FAIRMOUNT RIDGE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
FAIRMOUNT, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
FAIRTREES, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
FAIRVALE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
FAIRVIEW Est, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FAIRVIEW, Barkly East5580 RegionalEast London Regional
FAIRVIEW, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
FAIRVIEW, Empangeni3880 Regional
FAIRVIEW, Faerie Glen0043 MajorPretoria Central
FAIRVIEW, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
FAIRVIEW, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FAIRWAYS, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
FAIRWAYS, Wynberg (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FAIRWOOD, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
FAIRYGLEN, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
FALCONRIDGE, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
FALLODEN PARK, Durban4094 MajorDurban Central
FALSE BAY, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
FAMO PARK, Pietersburg0699 Major
FARMEDGE, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
FARMSIDE, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
FARNINGHAM RIDGE, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
FARRAR PARK, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
FARRARMERE & Ext 21, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
FARRARMERE Boxes1518 MajorEast Rand
FAUNA PARK, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
FAUNA PARK, Virginia (OFS)9431 Major
FAUNA, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
FAUNASIG Boxes9325 MajorBloemfontein Central
FAUNASIG, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
FAURE7131 MajorTownship 1
FAURESMITH9978 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
FAWN LEAS3475 RegionalNatal Midlands
FELIXTON3875 Regional
FELLSIDE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
FERGUSON Tsp, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FERNDALE & Ext 3 & 6, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
FERNDALE & Ext 3 & 6, Randburg- Seperations2194 Major
FERNDALE Boxes2160 MajorRandburg
FERNDALE Est,Newlands7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FERNDALE RIDGE, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
FERNDALE, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
FERNESS Est, Ottery7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FERNGLEN, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FERNWOOD Est,Newlands7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FERRAX, Newcastle2953 RegionalRWS NCS LOCAL
FERREIRASDORP Boxes2048 MajorJohannesburg Central
FERREIRASDORP, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
FERROBANK1035 RegionalWitbank
FERRYVALE, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
FICHARDTPARK, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
FICKSBURG9730 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
FIELD POST OFFICE 1 (FPO)0106 MajorPretoria Central
FIELDS HILL, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
FILLIAN PARK, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
FINSBURY, Randfontein1760 RegionalJohannesburg North West
FIONA Est/Lgd, Ysterplaat7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
FIRGROVE Boxes7110 MajorSomerset West, Strand
FIRGROVE Streets7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
FIRWOOD Est/Lgd, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
FISANTEKRAAL, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
FISH RIVER5883 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
FISHER'S HILL Boxes1408 MajorEast Rand
FISHER'S HILL, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
FLAGSTAFF4811RegionalDurban South
FLAMBOYANT PARK, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
FLAMINGO HEIGHTS, Tongaat4400 RegionalDurban North
FLAMINGOVLEI, Table View7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
FLAMWOOD Boxes2572 Regional
FLAMWOOD, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
FLEURDAL, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
FLEURHOF, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLIMIEDA, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
FLINTDALE Est, Southfield7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FLOORS, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
FLORA GARDENS, Vanderbijlpark1911 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
FLORA PARK Ext 3, Standerton2430 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONAL
FLORA PARK, Upington8800 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
FLORA, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
FLORACLIFFE, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORAPARK, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
FLORAPARK, Tzaneen0850 RegionalPietersberg Regional
FLORAUNA, Pretoria-North0182 MajorBRITS
FLORENTIA, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
FLOREX Boxes1714 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLOREX, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIAN PARK, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
FLORIANVILLE Boxes8320 MajorKimberley Central
FLORIANVILLE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
FLORIDA Boxes1710 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA Est, Ravensmead7490 MajorNorthern Suburbs
FLORIDA Ext 3 & 11, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA Ext, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA GLEN, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA HILLS & Ext 2, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA HILLS Boxes1716 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA LAKE, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA MEER, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA NORTH, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA PARK, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA ROAD, DURBAN4019 MajorDurban Central
FLORIDA Streets1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA VIEW, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORIDA-NOORD, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
FLORODALE, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
FOCHVILLE2515 Regional
FOLWENI, KZN4105RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
FONTAINEBLEAU2032 MajorRandburg
FONTAINEBLEAU, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
FONTEINRIET Boxes1464 MajorEast Rand
FONTEINRIET, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
FORBESDALE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
FORDSBURG Boxes2033 MajorWest Rand Route 1
FORDSBURG, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
FORDVILLE, New Brighton6200 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
FORESHORE, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
FOREST DENE, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
FOREST GLADE, Tokai7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FOREST HAVEN, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
FOREST HILL, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
FOREST HILL, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FOREST HILLS, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
FOREST TOWN, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
FOREST VILLAGE, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
FORMAIN, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
FORT BEAUFORT5720 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
FORT GALE5100RegionalEast London Regional
FORT JACKSON5605RegionalEast London Regional
FORZANDO COAL MINE2311RegionalRWS BETHAL LOCALMines & Power Stations
FOSA, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
FOUNESBURG0510 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
FOUNTAIN VILLAGE, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
FOUR WAYS, Bryanston2055 MajorRandburg
FOURIESRUS0024 MajorPretoria Central
FOURWAY GARDENS, Fourways2055 MajorRandburg
FRAAIUITSIG, George6506RegionalGeorge Regional
FRAMESBY & Ext/Uit, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FRAMESBY Ext/Uit 1, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FRAMTON, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
FRANCIS EVATT PARK, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
FRANKLIN4610 RegionalDurban North
FRANKLIN, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
FRANSCHHOEK7690 RegionalBoland
FRASERBURG6960 Regional
FRASER'S CAMP6152 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
FREDERIKSTAD/STA, Boskop2528 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
FREEMANVILLE Boxes2573 Regional
FREEMANVILLE, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
FREEWAY PARK & Ext 1, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
FRERE Est, Rondebosch7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
FRESNAYE, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
FRIEMERSHEIM6526 RegionalGeorge Regional
FRIERSDALE8861 RegionalKimberley Regional
FROGGY POND, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
FROGMORE Est, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
FRYLINCKSPAN8466 RegionalKimberley Regional
FULLARTON6681 RegionalGeorge Regional
FUMANI0937 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
FUTURA & Ext 18, Pietersburg0699 Major
FYNNLAND Boxes4020 MajorDurban Central
FYNNLAND, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
GaKGAPANE0838 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
GaLEBELO0615 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GALEHEATH4021 MajorDurban Central
GALESHEWE Boxes8330 MajorKimberley CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
GALESHEWE VILLAGE, Mankurwane8345 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GALESHEWE, Mankurwane8345 RegionalKimberley Regional, MinesHigh / Chain / Remote
GALLEON Est, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
GALLO MANOR2052 MajorSandton
GALLO MANOR Boxes2052 MajorSandton
GALLO MANOR Ext 3, Wendywood2148 MajorSandton
GaMakanye0086RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
GAMALAKHE4249 RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
GaMAROTA1151 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
GAMASHASHANE0723 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
GAMATLALA, Bakone0746 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
GAMBLE, Uitenhage6241 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GaMOTHIBA0726 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
GaMphahlele0736 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
GAMTOOS6360 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
GaNKWANA0740 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
GANS BAY7220 RegionalCape East Coast 1
GANSBAAI7220 RegionalCape East Coast 1
GANSPAN8552 RegionalKimberley Regional
GANYESA8613 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GARAGAMS8223 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
GaRAKGWADI1068 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
GARANKUWA0221RegionalBRITSHigh / Chain / Remote
GA-RANKUWA0221 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GARDEN CITY, Milnerton7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
GARDEN VIEW2047 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GARDEN VILLAGE, Daveyton1507 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GARDEN VILLAGE, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GARDEN VILLAGE, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
GARDENIA PARK, Bloemfonte9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
GARDENS, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GARDENS, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
GARIEPWATER, Grootdrink8822 RegionalKimberley Regional
GARIES8220 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
GARLANDDALE, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GARLMORE, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
GARSFONTEIN Boxes0042 MajorPretoria Central
GARSFONTEIN EAST, Pretoria0042 MajorPretoria Central
GARSFONTEIN WEST, Pretoria0042 MajorPretoria Central
GARSFONTEIN, Pretoria0042 MajorPretoria Central
Ga-SEHUNELO Boxes9315 MajorBloemfontein Central
Ga-SEHUNELO, Bloemfontein9323 MajorBloemfontein Central
GASTROW, Strand7140 MajorSomerset West, Strand
GATELY Tsp, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
GATESVILLE7764 MajorTownship 1
GATESVILLE, Athlone7764 MajorTownship 1
Ga-TLHOSE8461 RegionalKimberley Regional
GAYLANDS, Constantia (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GAYLEE, Blackheath (Cape Town)7581 MajorTownship 1
GEDENK0537 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GEDULD & Ext, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
GEDULD Boxes1562 MajorEast Rand
GEDULDPAN9468 Regional
GELDENHUYS SlHs, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
GELUKSDAL1546 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GELUKSPRUIT8812 RegionalKimberley Regional
GELVAN PARK, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GELVANDALE Boxes6016 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GELVANDALE, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GEMDENE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
GENADENDAL7234 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
GENERAAL ALBERTSPARK, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
GENERAAL DE WET, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
GENERAAL KEMP HEUWEL, Pretoria0187 MajorPretoria Central
GENEVAFONTEIN, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGE Boxes6530 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGE CBD6529 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGE EAST Boxes6539 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGE EAST, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGE GOCH, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
GEORGEDALE3710 RegionalNatal Midlands
GEORGE-INDUSTRIA Boxes6536 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGE-INDUSTRIA, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGE-OOS, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
GEORGETOWN, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
GEORGEVILLE, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
GEORGINIA, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
GERALD SMITH, Uitenhage6241 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GERDAU2729 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GERDVIEW, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
GERMEX Boxes1409 MajorEast Rand
GERMEX, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
GERMISTON Streets1401 MajorEast Rand
GERMISTON Boxes1400 MajorEast Rand
GERMISTON EAST, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
GERMISTON NORTH, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
GERMISTON SOUTH Boxes1411 MajorEast Rand
GERMISTON SOUTH, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
GERMISTON WEST, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
GEVANGENISTERREIN, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
GEYSDORP2771 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GEZINA, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
GEZINSILA, Eshowe3815 Regional
GEZUBUSO4515 Regional
GHOLFSIG, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
GIBBONSVILLE, Rugby7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GIJIMA, Lamontville4027 MajorDurban Central
GILLITTS (Natal) Boxes3603 MajorPinetown
GILLITTS, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
GILLITTS, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GILLVIEW, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GINGINDLOVU3800 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GINSBURG, King William's Town5600 RegionalEast London Regional
GIYANI0826 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
GLEBELANDS, Ntokozweni4066 MajorDurban Central
GLEEMOOR, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLEN ALPHINE Est/Lgd,Constantia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLEN ANIL, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
GLEN ATHOLL, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
GLEN AUSTIN, Halfway House1685 MajorMidrand
GLEN COWIE1061 RegionalWitbankMines & Power Stations
GLEN HARMONY Boxes9435 Major
GLEN HARMONY, Virginia (OFS)9430 RegionalMines & Power Stations
GLEN HURD, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GLEN IVE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GLEN IVE, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GLEN IVE, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLEN KAY, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
GLEN LAURISTON, Valhalla0185 MajorPretoria Central
GLEN LEA, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
GLEN MARINE, Simonstown7975MajorCAPE TOWN 26
GLEN NERINE, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
GLEN RIDGE, Cape Town7975MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLENABBOT, Constantia (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLENADRIENNE, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
GLENANDA NORTH, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GLENANDA SOUTH, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GLENANDA, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GLENASHLEY Boxes4022 MajorDurban Central
GLENASHLEY, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
GLENCAIRN, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
GLENCONNOR6234 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
GLENDALE Est, Plumstead7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLENDALE Est, Stanger4450 RegionalDurban North
GLENDALE, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GLENDINNINGVALE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GLENDOWER, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
GLENESK, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
GLENHARVIE1786 Regional
GLENHAVEN Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GLENHAZEL, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
GLENHILLS, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
GLENIFFER, Cramerview2060 MajorRandburg
GLENLILLY Est/Lgd, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GLENMAAR, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLENMARAIS & Ext, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
GLENMARAIS Ext 1, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
GLENMILL4452 RegionalDurban North
GLENMORE, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
GLENNIE, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GLENPARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
GLENROY PARK, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GLENSAN, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
GLENSIDE3477 RegionalNatal Midlands
GLENSTANTIA Boxes0010 MajorPretoria Central
GLENSTANTIA, Pretoria0010 MajorPretoria Central
GLENVARLOCH, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
GLENVISTA2058 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GLENVISTA & Ext 1 & 2, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GLENVISTA Boxes2058 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GLENVISTA Ext 3 - 6,2058 MajorWest Rand Route 1
GLENWOOD, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
GLENWOOD, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
GLENWOOD, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GLOSDERRY7702 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GOEDEBURG & Ext 3, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
GOEDEHOOP COLLIERY, Mpumalanga2245RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALMines & Power Stations
GOEDEHOOP COLLIERY, Mpumalanga2245RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALMines & Power Stations
GOEDEHOOP, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
GOEDEMOED, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GOEDVERWAG7323 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
GOLD REEF CITY2159 MajorJohannesburg Central
GOLDEN ACRE, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GOLDEN HARVEST, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
GOLDEN VALLEY (Cape)5821 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
GOLDEN VALLEY, Steytlerville6250 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
GOLDWATER, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GOLELA3990 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GOLF Est/Lgd, Wynberg (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GOLF LINKS Est, Wynberg7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GOLF PARK, Meyerton1960 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
GOMPIES0631 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GOMPO TOWN, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
GONUBIE5256 MajorEast London Central
GOODHOPE MODEL VILLAGE, Brooklyn7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GOODWOOD7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GOODWOOD PARK, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GOODWOOD WEST, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GOODWOOD-WES, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GORDON'S BAY7150 RegionalSomerset West, Strand
GORDONSBAAI7150 RegionalSomerset West, Strand
GOSFORTH PARK, Rand Airport1419 MajorEast Rand
GOUDA6821 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
GOUDINI ROAD6856 RegionalBoland
GOUDINIWEG6856 RegionalBoland
GOUDVELD, Carletonville Mine2507 RegionalMines & Power Stations
GOURITSMOND6796 RegionalGeorge Regional
GOVERNMENT VILLAGE, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
GRAAFF-REINET6280 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
GRAAFWATER8120 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
GRABOUW7160 RegionalCape East Coast 1
GRAHAMDALE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GRAHAMSTAD6140 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
GRAHAMSTOWN6140 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
GRANGE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
GRANGER BAY, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GRANT PARK2051 MajorSandton
GRANTHAM PARK, Empangeni3880 Regional
GRASKOP1270 RegionalNelspruit Regional
GRASMERE1828 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GRASSY PARK Boxes7888 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GRASSY PARK Streets7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GRAVELOTTE0895 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
GREAT BRAK RIVER6525 RegionalGeorge Regional
GREEN POINT Boxes8051 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GREEN POINT, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GREENACRES Boxes6057 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GREENACRES, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GREENBURY, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
GREENBUSHES6390 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GREENFIELD Est, Rondebosch7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GREENFIELD, Blackheath (Cape Town)7581 MajorTownship 1
GREENFIELDS Boxes5208 MajorEast London Central
GREENFIELDS, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
GREENHAVEN, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownship 1
GREENHILL VILLAGE, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GREENHILLS Boxes1767 RegionalJohannesburg North West
GREENHILLS, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
GREENHILLS, Randfontein1760 RegionalJohannesburg North West
GREENOCK PARK, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GREENPOINT, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
GREENSHIELDS PARK, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
GREENSIDE & Ext, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
GREENSIDE Boxes2034 MajorRandburg
GREENSIDE EAST, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
GREENSIDE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
GREENVILLE, Darling7345 RegionalWest Coast
GREENWOOD PARK, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
GRESSWOLD, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
GREYMONT Boxes2035 MajorRandburg
GREYMONT, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
GREYTON, Cape7233 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
GREYVILLE Boxes4023 MajorDurban Central
GREYVILLE, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
GREYVILLE, Lenasia1820 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GRIEKWASTAD8365 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GRIMBEEKPARK, Potchefstroom2520 RegionalJULIPO KLD
GRIQUATOWN8365 RegionalKimberley Regional
GROBLERSHOOP8850 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GROBLERSPARK & Ext 9, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
GROENDAL, Franschhoek7690 RegionalBoland
GROENENDAL, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GROENEWEIDE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
GROENKLOOF Boxes0027 MajorPretoria Central
GROENKLOOF, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
GROENVALLEI, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
GROENVLEI, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
GROENVLEI, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
GROOT-BRAKRIVIER6525 RegionalGeorge Regional
GROOTDERM8291 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
GROOTDRAAI DAM2425RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
GROOT-DRAKENSTEIN7680 RegionalBoland
GROOTDRIF8172 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
GROOTDRINK8822 RegionalKimberley Regional
GROOTE SCHUUR Boxes7925 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GROOTE SCHUUR HOSPITAL7937 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GROOTE SCHUUR HOSPITAL, Observatory7925 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GROOTE SCHUUR HOSPITAL, Observatory7925 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
GROOTGELUK MINE, Lephalale0555RegionalMines & Power Stations
GROOTHOEKHOSPITAAL0628 RegionalPietersberg Central
GROOT-MARICO2850 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
GROOTSPRUIT3181 RegionalNatal Midlands
GROOTVLEI2420 RegionalRWS JNB OUTLYINGMines & Power Stations
GROOTVLEI, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
GROOTVLEI, Pyramid0120 RegionalPretoria Regional
GROOTVLEI, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
GROSVENOR, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
GROVE END, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
GUGULETU7750 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
GUMTREE9731 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
HAARLEM6467 RegionalGeorge Regional
HADDON2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
HADDON, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
HADISON PARK Boxes8306 MajorKimberley Central
HADISON PARK, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
HAENERTSBURG0730 RegionalPietersberg CentralPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
HAGA-HAGA5272 RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
HALCYON DRIFT5483 RegionalEast London Regional
HALFMANSHOF6811 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
HALFWAY GARDENS, Midrand1686MajorMidrand
HALFWAY HOUSE1685 MajorMidrand
HALFWAY HOUSE,Midrand - GENOP HEALTHCARE1685 MajorJohannesburg Central
HALFWAY HOUSE,Midrand - WAPPOINT1685 MajorJohannesburg Central
HAMBANATI, Tongaat4400 RegionalDurban NorthHigh / Chain / Remote
HAMBERG Boxes1726 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HAMBERG, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HAMILTON Est/Lgd, Eersterivier7100 MajorNorthern Suburbs
HAMILTON, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
HAMMARSDALE3700 RegionalNatal Midlands
HAMPTON Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HANKEY6350 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
HANOVER5960 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
HANOVER PARK Boxes7782 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
HANOVER PARK, Athlone (Cape Town)7780 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
HANTAM Boxes8191 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
HANTAM, Calvinia8190 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
HAPPY VALLEY, De Aar7000 RegionalKimberley Regional
HAPPY VALLEY, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
HA-RAMOSA2516 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
HARBURG3479 RegionalNatal Midlands
HARDALE5481 RegionalEast London Regional
HARDEVLEI, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
HARDING4680 RegionalDurban South
HARDWICK Est, Newlands7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HARFIELD VILLAGE, Claremont (Cape Town)7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HARINAGAR, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
HARKERVILLE6604 RegionalGeorge Regional
HARMELIA & Ext 1 & 11, Elandsfontein1406 MajorEast Rand
HARMELIA, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
HARMONIE, Burgersdorp (Cape)5520 RegionalEast London Regional
HARTBEESHOEK, Pretoria-North0182 MajorBRITS
HARTENBOS6520 RegionalGeorge Regional
HARTFONTEIN, Pretoria0001 MajorPretoria Central
HARTLAND3184 RegionalNatal Midlands
HARTSVALLEI8534 RegionalKimberley Regional
HARTSWATER8570 RegionalKimberley Regional
HATFIELD Boxes0028 MajorPretoria Central
HATFIELD, Pretoria0083 MajorPretoria Central
HATTON Est, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HATTON Est/Lgd, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
HAUPTVILLE, Constantia (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HAVEN HILLS, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
HAVENSIDE, Durban4092 MajorDurban Central
HAWKINS Est/Lgd, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
HAWSTON7202 RegionalCape East Coast 1
HAWTHORNE Est, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
HAY PADDOCK, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
HAYFIELDS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
HAZELDENE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
HAZELMERE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
HAZELWOOD, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
HAZELWOOD, uMzinto4200 RegionalDurban South
HAZENDAL Est, Athlone7764 MajorTownship 1
HAZENJACHT6627 RegionalGeorge Regional
HAZYVIEW1242 RegionalNelspruit Regional
HEARLEAR,Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
HEATH PARK, Saltville6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
HEATHERLANDS, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
HEATHERLEY Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HEATHFIELD, Retreat7945 MajorTownship 1
HEATLIEVALE6851 RegionalBoland
HEBRON0193RegionalRWS JNB OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
HECTORTON, Randfontein1760 Regional
HEIDEDAL9306 MajorBloemfontein Central
HEIDEKOPPIE, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
HEIDELBERG, (Cape)6760 RegionalGeorge Regional
HEIDELBERG, Gauteng1441 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
HEIDELBERG, Tvl - DOLPHIN FISHING TACKLE1441 RegionalJohannesburg Central
HEIDERAND, Mossel Bay6500 RegionalGeorge Regional
HEIDEVELD, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
HELDERBERG Boxes7135 MajorSomerset West, Strand
HELDERBERG, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
HELDERKRUIN & Ext 2, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HELDERKRUIN Boxes1733 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HELDERRANT, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
HELDERVIEW, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
HELDERZICHT, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
HELENA HOOGTE, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
HELENVALE, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
HELIKONHOOGTE, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
HELIKONPARK, Randfontein1760 RegionalJohannesburg North West
HELLING2036 MajorRandburg
HELPMEKAAR, Dundee3000RegionalRWS NCS REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
HENBYL Boxes1903 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
HENBYL, Vanderbijlpark1911 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
HENDRINA1095 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALMines & Power Stations
HENLEY ON KLIP1962 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
HENNENMAN9445 Regional
HENNOPSMEER Boxes0046 MajorPretoria Central
HENNOPSMEER, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
HENNOPSPARK & Ext 1, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
HENVILLE, Germiston1406 MajorEast Rand
HERBERTSDALE6505 RegionalGeorge Regional
HERCULES Boxes0030 MajorPretoria Central
HERCULES, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
HEREFORD, Groblersdal0470 RegionalNYLSTROOM REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
HERIOTDALE, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
HERLEAR, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
HERMANNSBURG3508 RegionalNatal Midlands
HERMANSTAD, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
HERMANUS7200 RegionalCape East Coast 1
HERMINA, Westonaria1788 Regional
HERMON6802 RegionalWest Coast
HEROLD6615 RegionalGeorge Regional
HEROLDSBAY6615RegionalGeorge Regional
HEROLDVILLE, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
HERZLIA8006 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
HESTIAPARK, Karenpark0118 Major
HET KRUIS8100 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
HEUNINGKLIP, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
HEUNINGNESKLOOF8715 RegionalKimberley Regional
HEUWELOORD, Wierdapark0149 MajorPretoria Central
HEUWELSIG, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
HEUWELSIG, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
HEX RIVER6855 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
HEXRIVIER6855 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
HIBBERDENE4220 RegionalDurban South
HIDDINGH Est, Newlands7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HIGGOVALE, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
HIGH PLACES, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
HIGH PLACES, Eersterivier7100 MajorNorthern Suburbs
HIGHBURY, Kuils River7580 MajorTownship 1
HIGHFLATS4640 RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
HIGHGATE, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
HIGHGATE, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
HIGHGOLD2281 RegionalWitbank
HIGHLANDS Est, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
HIGHLANDS HILL, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
HIGHLANDS NORTH & Ext, Johannesburg2192 MajorJohannesburg Central
HIGHLANDS NORTH Boxes2037 MajorJohannesburg Central
HIGHLANDS, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
HIGHVELD, Centurion0157MajorPretoria Central
HIGHWAY GARDENS, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
HILDASIA5284 MajorEast London Central
HILL Ext, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
HILL SIXTY, Grahamstown6140 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
HILLARY Boxes4024 MajorDurban Central
HILLARY, Durban4094 MajorDurban Central
HILLBROW Boxes2038 MajorJohannesburg Central
HILLBROW, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
HILLCREST (Natal) Boxes3650 MajorPinetown
HILLCREST PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
HILLCREST, Blue Downs7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
HILLCREST, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
HILLCREST, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
HILLCREST, Pretoria0083 MajorPretoria Central
HILLCREST, Putfontein1513 MajorEast Rand
HILLCREST, Wellington7655 RegionalBoland
HILLDENE, Hillcrest3610 MajorPinetown
HILLRISE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
HILLSBORO, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
HILLSHAVEN, Westonaria1789 Regional
HILLSIDE Ext 41 & 42, Upington8800 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
HILLSIDE, Beaufort West6970 RegionalGeorge Regional
HILLSIDE, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
HILLSIDE, Kocksvlei1764 Regional
HILLSIDE, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
HILLSIDE, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
HILLVIEW, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
HILLVIEW, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
HILTON, Aliwal North5530 RegionalEast London Regional
HILTON, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
HILTON, Pietermaritzburg3245 Major
HIMEVILLE4585 Regional
HINDLE PARK, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
HINDLE PARK, Kuils River7580 MajorTownship 1
HIPPOMERE, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
HLABISA3937 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
HLOBANE3145 RegionalRWS NCS OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
HLUHLUWE3960 Regional
HLUKU4688 RegionalDurban South
HLUVUKANI1363 Regional
HOBHOUSE9740 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
HOEDSPRUIT1380 Regional
HOEKWIL6538 RegionalGeorge Regional
HOEVELDRIF2305 RegionalWitbank
HOEVELDRIF Boxes2305 RegionalWitbank
HOFMEYR5930 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
HOGSBACK5721 RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
HOHEIZEN, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
HOHENORT, Constantia (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HOHOZA3018 RegionalNatal Midlands
HOLDINGS9472 Regional
HOLLAND PARK, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
HOLMDENE2432 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
HOLPAN8505 RegionalKimberley Regional
HOMELAKE, Randfontein1760 Regional
HOMER, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
HOMESTEAD APPLE ORCHARDS1876 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
HOMESTEAD Boxes1412 MajorEast Rand
HOMESTEAD PARK, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
HOMESTEAD, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
HOMESTEAD, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
HOMEVALE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
HONDEKLIP BAY8222 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
HONDEKLIPBAAI8222 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
HONEYDEW2040 MajorRandburg
HONEYHILLS, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HOOFSTRAAT, PAARL7622 RegionalBoland
HOOGSTEDE, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
HOPEFIELD7355 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
HOPETOWN 8750 RegionalKimberley Regional
HORISON & Ext, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HORISONPARK, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HORIZON VIEW, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
HORNLEE Boxes6583 RegionalGeorge Regional
HORNLEE, Knysna6570 RegionalGeorge Regional
HOSPITAALPARK, Bloemfonten9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
HOSPITAALPARK, Ladysmith (Natal)3370 RegionalRWS LDY LOCAL
HOSPITAALPARK, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
HOSPITAL HILL, Beaufort West6970 RegionalGeorge Regional
HOSPITAL HILL, Tembisa1610MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
HOSPITAL PARK, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
HOTAZEL8490 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
HOUGHTON Boxes2041 MajorJohannesburg Central
HOUGHTON Est/Lgd, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
HOUGHTON, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
HOUT BAY Boxes7872 MajorCAPE TOWN 27
HOUT BAY HEIGHTS Est, Houtbaai7800 MajorCAPE TOWN 27
HOUT BAY Streets7800 MajorCAPE TOWN 27
HOUTBAAI Busse7872 MajorCAPE TOWN 27
HOUTBAAI HEIGHTS Lgd, Houtbaai7800 MajorCAPE TOWN 27
HOUTBOSDORP0725 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
HOWARD PLACE7450 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
HOWARDENE, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
HOWICK3290 RegionalPietermaritzburg Township
HOWICK - TAMTAMU TRADING INTERNATIONAL3290 RegionalPietermaritzburg Township
HOWICK-WEST, Howick3290 Regional
HOY Tsp, Port Elizabeth6001 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
HUGENOOT Busse7645 RegionalBoland
HUGENOOT Strate7646 RegionalBoland
HUGUENOT Boxes7645 RegionalBoland
HUGUENOT Streets7646 RegionalBoland
HUMANSDORP6300 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
HUMERAIL, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
HUMEWOOD & Ext, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
HUMEWOOD Boxes6013 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
HUNTERS HILL, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
HURL PARK, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
HURLEY Est, Mowbray7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
HURLINGHAM & Ext 5, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
HURLINGHAM GARDEN, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
HURLINGHAM MANOR, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
HURLYVALE Boxes1611 MajorEast Rand
HURLYVALE, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
HURSTHILL, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
HUTCHINSON7080 RegionalGeorge Regional
HYDE PARK, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
HYDE PARK, Ladysmith (Natal)3370 RegionalRWS LDY LOCAL
IBAXA, Tembisa1628 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
IDA5446 RegionalEast London Regional
IDASVALLEI Boxes7609 MajorTownship 1
IDASVALLEI, Stellenbosch7600 MajorTownship 1
IDUTYWA5000RegionalEast London Regional
IFAFA BEACH4185 RegionalDurban South
IFAFI Boxes0260 Regional
IFAFI, Brits0260 Regional
IKAGELENG, Zeerust2685RegionalKLERKSDORPHigh / Chain / Remote
IKAGENG, Mamelodi0122 RegionalPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
IKAGENG, Mamelodi0122 MajorPretoria Central
IKAGENG, Potchefstroom2520 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
IKHUTSENG, Warrenton8530 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
IKWEZI PARK, Khayelitsha7784 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ILLIONDALE, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
ILLOVO (Natal) Boxes4150 RegionalDurban South
ILLOVO BEACH Boxes4155 RegionalDurban South
ILLOVO BEACH, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
ILLOVO GLEN, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
ILLOVO, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
ILLOVO, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
iMBALI4503 RegionalPietermaritzburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
IMBONGOZI1333 Regional
IMPALA PARK, Potgietersrus0600 RegionalPietersberg Central
IMPALAPARK Boxes1472 MajorEast Rand
IMPALAPARK, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
IMPENDLE4545 RegionalDurban NorthHigh / Chain / Remote
INADAN, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
INANDA (Ntl)4310 MajorDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
INANDA, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
INANDAS, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
INCHANGA3670 RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
INDERMARK0717 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
INDUSTRIA Boxes2042 MajorWest Rand Route 2
INDUSTRIA NORTH, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
INDUSTRIA NORTH, Maraisburg1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
INDUSTRIA WEST, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 2
INDUSTRIA, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
INDUSTRIAL AREA, Lichtenburg2740 Regional
INDUSTRIAL AREA, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
INDUSTRIES EAST, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
INDUSTRIES WEST, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
INDUSTRIES-OOS, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
INDUSTRIES-WES, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
INDUSTRIQWA, Harrismith9885RegionalRWS HARRISMITH REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
INDWE5445 RegionalEast London Regional
iNGOGO2980RegionalRWS NCS LOCALHigh / Chain / Remote
iNGQAYIZIVELE2957 RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
INGWAVUMA3968 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
INGWAVUMA, KZN3968RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
INNESDALE0031 MajorPretoria Central
INNESFREE Est, Gatesville7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
INTABAZWE, Harrismith9880RegionalRWS HARRISMITH LOCALHigh / Chain / Remote
INTULISO2561 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
INYALA PARK, Empangeni3880 Regional
INYANGA, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
IPELEGENG, Schweizer-Reneke2780 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
IPOPENG, Fauresmith9978 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
IPOPENG, Galeshewe8330 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
IRENE1675 MajorPretoria Central
IRENEPARK, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
ISANDO1600 MajorEast Rand
ISANDO - WURTH1600 MajorEast Rand
ISANDOVALE, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
ISIPINGO4110 MajorDurban South
ISIPINGO BEACH4115 MajorDurban South
ISIPINGO HILLS, Isipingo4110 MajorDurban South
ISITHEBE4490 RegionalDurban North
ISLAND VIEW, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
ISWEPE2382 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
ITSOKOLELE, Matatiele4730 RegionalDurban South
ITSOSENG2744 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
IVORY PARK - Midrand1685 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
IVY PARK, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
IVY PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
IVYDALE, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
IXOPO4630 RegionalDurban South
IZINGOLWENI4260 RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
iZOTSHA4242 RegionalDurban South
JABAVU, Pimville1808 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
JABULANI Ext 2, kwaXu1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
JABULANI HOSTEL, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
JABULANI SOUTH, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
JACANLEE, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
JACOBS Boxes/Busse4026 MajorDurban Central
JACOBS, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
JACOBSDAL8710 RegionalKimberley Regional
JACOBSPARK, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
JAGERSFONTEIN9974 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
JAGERSFONTEIN9974RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
JAMESON PARK1492 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
JAMESON'S DRIFT3553 RegionalNatal Midlands
JAMESTOWN5510 RegionalEast London Regional
JAMESTOWN, Stellenbosch7600 MajorTownship 1
JAN HOFMEYER, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
JAN KEMPDORP8550 RegionalKimberley Regional
JAN NIEMANDPARK, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
JAN SMUTSVILLE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
JANALET, Pietersburg0699 Major
JANE FURSE1085 RegionalPietersberg RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
JANE FURSE HOSPITAL1085 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
JANSENDAL, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
JANSENPARK, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
JANSENVILLE6265 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
JARMAN Tsp, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
JATNIEL1509 MajorEast Rand
JEFFREYS BAY6330 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
JEFFREYSBAAI6330 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
JEPPES REEF - Border Post1330 Regional
JEPPESTOWN Boxes2043 MajorJohannesburg Central
JEPPESTOWN, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
JERICHO0189 RegionalPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
JET PARK, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
JOANSVILLE PARK, Bergvliet7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
JOHANNESBURG Streets2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
JOHANNESBURG Boxes2000 MajorJohannesburg Central
JOHANNESBURG CBD2195 MajorJohannesburg Central
JOHANNESBURG DEPOT2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
JOHANNESBURG NORTH, Jukskeipark2153 MajorRandburg
JOHANNESBURG-NOORD, Jukskeipark2153 MajorRandburg
JOHNSON'S POST6504 RegionalGeorge Regional
JOLIVET4205 RegionalDurban South
JONES Est, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
JOOSTENBERGVLAKTE, Kraaifontein7570 MajorTownship 1
JOOSTENVILLE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
JORDAANPARK, Heidelberg (Tvl)2400 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
JOUBERTINA6410 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
JOUBERTON2574 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
JOUBERTON Ext 6, Jouberton2574 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
JOUBERTON Tsp, Jouberton2574 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
JOUBERTPARK Boxes2044 MajorJohannesburg Central
JOUBERTPARK, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
JOUBERTPARK, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
JOZINI3969 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
JUDITH'S PAARL, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
JUKSKEIPARK Boxes2153 MajorRandburg
JUKSKEIPARK, Randburg2153 MajorRandburg
JULES STREET, Johannesburg2046 MajorJohannesburg Central
JUNCTION HILL, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
JUNO0748 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
JUPITER, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
KAAPMUIDEN1295 Regional
KAAPSTAD Busse8000 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
KAAPZICHT, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KABAH, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KABEGA Ext/Uit, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KABEGA PARK, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KABOKWENI1245 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KAFFERRIVIER9900 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
KAFFIR RIVER9900 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
KAGISANONG Boxes9309 MajorBloemfontein Central
KAGISANONG, Bloemfontein9323 MajorBloemfontein Central
KAGISO1744 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KAKAMAS8870 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KALBASKRAAL7302 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
KALK BAY Boxes7990 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
KALK BAY, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
KALKBAAI Busse7990 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
KALKBAAI, Fish hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
KALKBANK0713 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KALKKUIL9481 Regional
KALKSTEENFONTEIN, Bonteheuwel7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KALWENI HEIGHTS, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
KAMAGUGU, Nelspruit1200 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KAMAQHEKEZA1340 RegionalMINN NLP REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
KAMEEL8603 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KAMEELDRIF EAST0035 RegionalPretoria RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
KAMIESBERG8261 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KAMIESKROON8241 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KAMMA PARK, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KAMMA RIDGE, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KAMPSBAAI Busse8040 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
KANANA, Orkney2620 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KANONEILAND8806 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KANONIERSPARK, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
KANONKOP, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 MajorWitbank
kaNYAMAZANE1214 RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
KANYAMAZANE1205 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KAPTEINSBAAI, Melkbosstrand7437RegionalSomerset West, Strand
KARATARA6580 RegionalGeorge Regional
KARBOCHEM, Newcastle2940RegionalRWS NCS LOCALHigh / Chain / Remote
KAREEDOUW6400 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KAREEVILLE, De Aar7000 RegionalKimberley Regional
KARENPARK, Pretoria0118 MajorBRITS
KARINDAL, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
KARINO1204 Regional
KARIYE MAZANERegionalPietersburg TownshipPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
KARL BREMER7531 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KARL BREMER HOSPITAL, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KARLIENPARK, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KARLIENPARK, Rustenburg0300 Regional
KAROS8819 RegionalKimberley Regional
KASSELSVLEI Boxes7533 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KASSELSVLEI, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KASTEELSIG, Wingate Park0153 MajorPretoria Central
KATHU8446 RegionalKimberley Regional
KATHU Boxes8446 RegionalKimberley Regional
KATLEHONG1832 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KATZENBERG7348 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
KAYAMANDI, Stellenbosch7600 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KAYDALE, Jameson Park1492 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
KEARSNEY4453 RegionalDurban North
KEDIKETSE0454 RegionalPietersberg Central
KEI MOUTH5260 RegionalEast London Regional
KEI ROAD4920 RegionalEast London Regional
KEIMOES8860 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KEISKAMMAHOEK6191RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KEIWEG4920 RegionalEast London Regional
KELLAND, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
KELSO4183 RegionalDurban South
KELVIN2054 MajorJohannesburg Central
KELVIN Boxes2054 MajorJohannesburg Central
KELVINVIEW, Kelvin2054 MajorJohannesburg Central
KEMPENVILLE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KEMPTON PARK (Tvl) Boxes1620 MajorEast Rand
KEMPTON PARK (Tvl) Streets1619 MajorEast Rand
KEMPTON PARK WEST, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
KEMSLEY PARK, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KENDAL2225 RegionalWitbank
KENDALWOOD, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KENDREW6283 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KENEVER, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KENGRAY2100 MajorJohannesburg Central
KENHARDT8900 RegionalNorthern CapeHigh / Chain / Remote
KENILWORTH (Cape Town)7745 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KENILWORTH Cape Town7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KENILWORTH, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
KENILWORTH, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KENLEAF & Ext 1, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
KENMARE & Ext 1, Krugersdorp1740 MajorJohannesburg Central
KENMARE Boxes1740 MajorWest Rand Route 2
KENNETH GARDENS, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
KENRIDGE Est, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KENRIDGE GLENN, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KENRIDGE HEIGHTS, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KENRIDGE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KENSINGTON, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
KENSINGTON, Maitland7405 MajorTownship 1
KENSINGTON, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KENTANI4980 RegionalEast London Regional
KENTON ON SEA6191 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KENTVIEW, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
KENVILLE, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
KENWOOD, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KENWYN Boxes7790 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KENWYN Streets7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KERNKRAG Boxes7440 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
KERNKRAG, Melkbosstrand7441 RegionalCAPE TOWN 30
KESTELLHOF, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KETHANI AREA, Winterton4680RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
KEURBOOMSSTRAND, George6600RegionalGeorge Regional
KEW Tsp, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
KEWTOWN, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KGAKALA, Leeudoringstad2640 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KHALETHU, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
KHARWASTAN, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
KHAYELITSHA7784 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KHAYELITSHA, KwaNobuhle6242 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KHOMANANI0933 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
KHOTSO, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KHOTSONG, Bothaville9660 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KHUMA, Ermelo2351RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
KHUMA, Stilfontein2550 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KHUMALO VALLEY, Katlehong1832 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KHUNWANA, Delareyville2770RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KHUTSONG, Carletonville2500 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KHYBER ROCK, Sunninghill2157 MajorSandton
KIBLER HEIGHTS, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
KIBLER PARK Boxes2053 MajorWest Rand Route 1
KIBLER PARK, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
KIDD'S BEACH5264 RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KIEPERSOL1241 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KIESEL0382 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
KIESERVILLE, Lichtenburg2740 Regional
KIESKAMAHOEK5200RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KILDARE, Empangeni3880 Regional
KILDRUMMY, Paulshof2056 MajorSandton
KILFENORA, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
KILLARNEY, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
KILLARNEY, Table View7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
KILNER PARK & Ext, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
KIMBERLEY Boxes8300 MajorKimberley Central
KIMBERLEY NORTH, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KIMBERLEY Streets/Strate8301 MajorKimberley Central
KIMBERLEY-NOORD, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KIMDUSTRIA, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KINE PARK, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KING WILLIAM'S TOWN5600 RegionalEast London Regional
KINGFISHER Est, South7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KINGS REST, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
KINGS VIEW, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
KINGSBURGH, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
KINGSBURY PARK, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KINGSTON, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KINGSWOOD2661 Regional
KINKELBOS6188 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KINROSS2270 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALMines & Power Stations
KIRKWOOD6120 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KIRKWOOD GARDENS, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
KIRSTENBOSCH, Claremont (Cape Town)7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KIRSTENHOF, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KIRSTENHOF, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
KLAARSTROOM6932 RegionalGeorge Regional
KLAARWATER, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
KLAAS VOOGDS RIVER6707 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
KLAAS VOOGDSRIVIER6707 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
KLAASENBOSCH, Constantia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KLAPMUTS7625 RegionalBoland
KLASERIE1381 Regional
KLAWER8145 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KLEIN PANORAMA, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KLEIN RIVER6351 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KLEIN TURF HALL Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KLEIN WELGEMOED, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KLEINBOS6310 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KLEIN-BRAKRIVIER6503 RegionalGeorge Regional
KLEIN-DRAKENSTEIN7628 RegionalBoland
KLEINGELUK, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
KLEINKRANS, George6530RegionalGeorge Regional
KLEINMOND7195 RegionalCape East Coast 1
KLEINMONDE6172 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KLEIN-NEDERBURG, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
KLEINPOORT6236 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KLEINRIVIER6351 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KLEINSEE8282 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KLEINSKOOL, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KLEINVLEI, Eersterivier7100 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KLERKSDORP Boxes2570 Regional
KLERKSDORP Streets2571 Regional
KLEVEHILL PARK, Petervale2151 MajorRandburg
KLIP RIVER1836 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
KLIPBANKFONTEIN2836 RegionalMines & Power Stations
KLIPDALE7283 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
KLIPFONTEIN5824 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KLIPFONTEIN NO 4, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
KLIPFONTEIN, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
KLIPFONTEIN,Witbank1035 Major
KLIPGAT0190MajorRWS JNB OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
KLIPHEUWEL7303 RegionalWest Coast
KLIPPLAAT6255 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KLIPPOORTJIE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
KLIPRAND8205 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KLIPRIVIER1836 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
KLIPRIVIERSBERG Est, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
KLIPSPRUIT & Ext, Pimville1808 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KLIPSPRUIT WEST & Ext 1 , Kliptown1812 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KLIPTOWN1812 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
KLISSERVILLE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
KLOOF Boxes3640 MajorPinetown
KLOOF GOLD MINE, Westonaria1780RegionalMines & Power Stations
KLOOF STREET, CAPE TOWN8008 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
KLOOF, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
KLOOFENDAL, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
KLOOFNEK, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
KLOOFSIG Boxes0034 MajorPretoria Central
KLOOFSIG, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
KLOOFSTRAAT, KAAPSTAD8008 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
KLOPPERPARK, Germiston1406 MajorEast Rand
KNAPDAAR5521 RegionalEast London Regional
KNYSNA6570 RegionalGeorge Regional
KOCKSOORD, Randfontein1764 Regional
KOCKSPARK Boxes2523 Regional
KOCKSPARK, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
KOCKSVLEI Boxes1764 Regional
KOCKSVLEI, Randfontein1764 Regional
KOEBERG PARK Est, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
KOEBERG POWER ST, Melkboss7437RegionalWest CoastMines & Power Stations
KOEBERG Tsp, Melkboss7437RegionalCAPE TOWN 25Mines & Power Stations
KOEBERG Tsp, Melkboss7437RegionalCAPE TOWN 25Mines & Power Stations
KOEDOESKOP0361 RegionalNYLSTROOM REGIONALPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
KOEDOESPOORT, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
KOEGA, Port Elizabeth6100MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KOEKEMOER2553 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KOEKENAAP8146 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOELEMANSRUS0629 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KOELENHOF7605 MajorBoland
KOFFIEFONTEIN9986 RegionalKimberley Regional
KOINGNAAS8249 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOKOSI, Fochville2515 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KOKSTAD4700 RegionalDurban South
KOLOTI0709 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KOMAGGAS8242 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOMANI Boxes5322 RegionalEast London Regional
KOMANI PARK, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
KOMANI, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
KOMATIPOORT1340 RegionalNelspruit Regional
KOMGA4950 RegionalEast London Regional
KOMMADAGGA5800 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KOMMETJIE Boxes7976 RegionalCAPE TOWN 28
KOMMETJIE Streets7975 RegionalCAPE TOWN 28
KOOKHUIS5820 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KOOKRUS, Rothdene1964 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
KOOPMANSFONTEIN8391 RegionalKimberley Regional
KOPELA, Barberspan2765 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KOPERBERG Boxes8250 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOPERBERG, Springbok8240 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOPPIES9540 Regional
KORINGBERG7312 RegionalWest Coast
KORINGPUNT0632 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KORSTEN Boxes6014 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KORSTEN, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KOSI BAY3973RegionalRICHARDSBAY 1Ports/Harbours/Plots/Farm
KOSMOS, Brits0261 Regional
KOSMOSDAL0157MajorPretoria Central
KOSTER2825 Regional
KOTZESHOOP8246 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOTZESRUS8204 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOUE-BOKKEVELD6836 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
KOWIE WEST Boxes6171 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KOWIE WEST, Port Alfred6170 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KOWIE-WES, Port Alfred6170 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KRAAIFONTEIN Boxes7569 MajorTownship 1
KRAAIFONTEIN Streets7570 MajorTownship 1
KRAANKUIL8760 RegionalKimberley Regional
KRAGGAKAMMA PARK, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KRAKEEL RIVER6430 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KRAMERVILLE, Wendywood2148 MajorSandton
KRANSKOP3550 RegionalNatal Midlands
KREUPELBOSCH, Bergvliet7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KRIGEVILLE, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
KROM RIVER, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
KROMBOOM Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
KROMRIVIER, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
KROONSTAD, Streets9499 Regional
KROONVALE Boxes6281 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KROONVALE, Graaff-Reinet6280 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
KRUGERSDORP Boxes1740 MajorJohannesburg Central
KRUGERSDORP NORTH Boxes1740 MajorJohannesburg Central
KRUGERSDORP NORTH, Krugersdorp1740 MajorJohannesburg Central
KRUGERSDORP Streets1740 MajorJohannesburg Central
KRUGERSRUS, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
KRUINHOF, Elandsfontein1406 MajorEast Rand
KRUIS RIVER6633 RegionalGeorge Regional
KRUISFONTEIN, Rosslyn0200 MajorPretoria Central
KRUISRIVIER6633 RegionalGeorge Regional
KUBOES8292 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
KUDUBE0401 RegionalBRITS
KUILS RIVER7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
KULEKA, Empangeni3880 Regional
KUNENE PARK, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
KURUMAN8460 RegionalKimberley Regional
KUTLWANONG, Merafong9480 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KWA MASHU4360 MajorNorth CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
KWA THEMA1560 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaBHUBESI4684 RegionalDurban South
KWADABEKA3612RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaDLANGEZWA3886 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KwaDukuza, Durban4456 RegionalDurban North
KWADULOUZA4450 Regional
kwaDWESI, Zwide6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
kwaFORD, Port Elizabeth6200 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
KWAGGAFONTEIN0458RegionalRWS WBK 3High / Chain / Remote
KWAGGAFONTEIN, Bloemfontein9301MajorBloemfontein Central
KWAGGASRAND, Pretoria-Wes0183 MajorPretoria Central
kwaKWATSI, Koppies9540 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaLOYITI, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
kwaLUGEDLANE1341 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KWA-MAGXAKI, Port Elizabeth6200 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaMAGXAKI, Zwide6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
kwaMAKUTHA, Amanzimtoti4126 RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaMASAKHANE9474 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaMASHU4360 MajorDurban NorthHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaMAYIBUYE4643 RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
KWAMBONAMBI3915 Regional
kwaMHALI AREA, Durban3000RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaMHLANGA1022 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KWAMHLANGA, Mpumalanga1022RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaMSANE, Mtubatuba3935 Regional
kwaNALA2272 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
KWANDEBELE1022 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
KWANDENGEZI, KZN3607RegionalPinetownHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaNGWANASE3973 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaNOBUHLE6242 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
kwaNONQABA6502 RegionalGeorge Regional
kwaNoxolo, Jeffreys Bay6330RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaSIZABANTU3561 RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaTHANDUXOLO2509 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaTHEMA1563 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaVUKILE6143 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
kwaXUMA Boxes1867 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaXUMA Streets1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaZAKHELE6205 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
kwaZAMOKHUHLE1098 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
KWAZANELE2330RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
KWELERA, East London5259 RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
KWEZI, Worcester6850 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
KYA SANDS2125 MajorRandburg
KYALAMI, Halfway House1685 MajorMidrand
L’Agulhas7287 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
LA COLLINE, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
LA CONCORDE, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
LA CONCORDIA, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
LA LUCIA, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
LA LUCIA, Durban - MONTEAGLE CONSUMER GROUP4051 MajorDurban Central
LA LUCIA, Durban - SA HOME LOANS 4051 Major
LA MERCY, Desainagar4405 RegionalDurban North
LA MONTAGNE, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
LA MOTTE7691 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
LA ROCHELLE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LA ROCHELLE, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
LA ROCHELLE, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LA SANDRA, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
LAAIPLEK7370 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
LABIANCE Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LABRAM, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
LADANNA Boxes0704 Major
LADANNA, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
LADINE Ext 16, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
LADISMITH, (Cape)6885 RegionalGeorge Regional
LADY FRERE, East London5410 RegionalEast London Regional
LADY GREY5540 RegionalEast London Regional
LADYBRAND9745 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
LAERSDRIF1065 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
LAEZONIA0026 MajorPretoria Central
LAGOON VIEW, Amanzimtoti4126 MajorDurban South
LAHOFF, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
LAINGSBURG6900 RegionalGeorge Regional
LAINGVILLE, St Helenabaai7390 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
LAKEFIELD & Ext 9 & 2, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
LAKESIDE Boxes7955 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
LAKESIDE, Modderfontein1645 MajorEast Rand
LAKESIDE, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
LAKESIDE, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
LAKEVIEW, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
LAKEVIEW, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
LAMBERT'S BAY8130 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
LAMBERTSBAAI8130 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
LAMBRECHTSDRIF8820 RegionalKimberley Regional
LAMBTON Boxes1414 MajorEast Rand
LAMBTON GARDENS, Elsburg1407 MajorEast Rand
LAMBTON, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
LAMONTVILLE4027 MajorDurban Central
LANCASTER EAST, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
LANCASTER WEST, Krugersdo1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
LAND EN ZEEZICHT, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
LANDSTEAD, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LANGA7455 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LANGA, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
LANGEBAAN7357 RegionalWest Coast
LANGEBAAN ROAD7375 RegionalWest Coast
LANGEBAANWEG7375 RegionalWest Coast
LANGEBERG HILLS, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LANGEBERG RAND, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LANGEBERG RIDGE, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LANGEBERG VILLAGE, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LANGENHOVENPARK, Bloemfontein9330 MajorBloemfontein Central
LANGKRANS3114 RegionalNatal Midlands
LANGLAAGTE Boxes2102 MajorWest Rand Route 1
LANGLAAGTE NORTH, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
LANGLAAGTE, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
LANGVERWAG6632 RegionalGeorge Regional
LANSDOWNE7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LANSTA, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LANTANA, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
LARRENDALE, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
LAS VAGAS, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LAUDINA6463 RegionalGeorge Regional
LAUDIUM0037 MajorPretoria Central
LAUDIUM Ext 2 & 3, Pretoria0037 MajorPretoria Central
LAURENDALE Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LAURIEN CREST Boxes4028 MajorDurban Central
LAURIEN CREST, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
LAVENDER HILL Boxes7948 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LAVENDER HILL Streets7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LAVENDER HILL, Retreat7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LAVENDER VALLEY Ext, Grahamstown6140 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
LAVERSBURG, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
LAVISTOWN Boxes7465 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LAVISTOWN Streets7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LAWLEY1824 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LAWRENCE VILLAGE, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
LAXMI, Pietermaritzburg3207 Major
LEA PLACE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LEACHVILLE, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
LEAGLEN, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
LEAHOLM, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
LEBOGANG, Ottosdal2610 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LEBOHANG, Leslie2265 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
LEBOWAKGOMO0737 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
LEERKRANS8818 RegionalKimberley Regional
LEEUDORING MINE, Westonaria1780RegionalMines & Power Stations
LEEU-GAMKA6950 RegionalGeorge Regional
LEEUHOF, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
LEEUPOORT0486 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
LEFALANE0741 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
LEHURUTSHE, Zeerust0000RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LEIPOLDTVILLE (Cape)8122 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
LEISURE BAY, Knysna6570 RegionalGeorge Regional
LEISURE BAY, KZN4278Regional
LEISURE ISLE, Knysna6570 RegionalGeorge Regional
LEKAZI, kaNyamazane1214 Regional
LEKKERPLAAS1784 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LEKKERSING8283 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
LEKOKO9997RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LENASIA1820 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LENASIA Boxes1820 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LENASIA SOUTH, Grasmere1828 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LENASIA, Phoenix4051 MajorDurban North
LENASIA-SUID, Grasmere1828 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LENBERRY, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LENGAU Boxes9503 Regional
LENGAU Streets9499 RegionalWelkom Regional
LENHAM, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
LENNOXTON, Newcastle2958 RegionalRWS NCS LOCAL
LENTEGEUR Boxes7786 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LENTEGEUR Streets/Strate7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LENYENYE0857 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
LENZ1822 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LEONARD Est, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
LEONDALE Boxes1424 MajorEast Rand
LEONDALE, Elsiesrivier7490 MajorTownship 1
LEONDALE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
LEPHALELE, Ellisras0555 Regional
LERAATSFONTEIN Boxes1038 RegionalWitbank
LERAATSFONTEIN, Witbank1035 RegionalWitbank
LES MARAIS Boxes0038 MajorPretoria Central
LES MARAIS, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
LESEDI2525 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LESHWANE0724 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
LETABA0870 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
LETLHABILE0264 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LETSATSING2503 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LETSITELE0885 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
LEVUBU0929 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
LEVYVALE, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LEWISHAM, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
LIBANON Boxes1781 Regional
LIBANON MINE, Westonaria1780 RegionalMines & Power Stations
LIBODE, Eastern Cape5160RegionalEast London Regional
LIBRADENE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
LICHTENBURG2740 Regional
LIDGETTON3270 RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
LIEBEN GLEN, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LIESBEEK7710 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LILIANTON, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
LILYVALE, Putfontein1513 MajorEast Rand
LIMBURG0613 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LIME ACRES8410 RegionalKimberley RegionalMines & Power Stations
LIMPOPODRAAI0536 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LINBRO PARK2065 MajorSandton
LINBRO PARK, Bramley- KNR Flatrock2065 Major
LINCOLN Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LINCOLN MEAD, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
LINDBERGH PARK, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
LINDELANI, Durban4220RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LINDEN Boxes2104 MajorRandburg
LINDEN Ext/Uit, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
LINDEN, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
LINDENE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
LINDHAVEN Ext 3, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
LINDHAVEN PARK, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
LINDHAVEN, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
LINDIDA, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
LINGELETHU WEST Boxes7765 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LINGELETHU WEST, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LINGELETHU-WES Busse7765 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LINGELETHU-WES, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LINGELIHLE Boxes5881 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LINGELIHLE, Cradock5880 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LINK HILLS3652 MajorNatal Midlands
LINKS, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
LINKSFIELD NORTH, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
LINKSFIELD RIDGE, Johanne2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
LINKSFIELD, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
LINKSFIELD-NOORD, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
LINKSIDE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LINKSVIEW, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
LINMEYER Boxes2105 MajorWest Rand Route 1
LINMEYER, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
LINNIES2436RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
LINTON GRANGE Boxes6015 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LINTON GRANGE, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LIONS RIVER3260 MajorPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
LIONSRIVIER3260 MajorPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
LIPHAKOENG2554 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LISTERWOOD, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LITTLE BRAK RIVER6503 RegionalGeorge Regional
LITTLE FALLS, Roodepoort1735 MajorWest Rand Route 2
LITTLEFILLAN, Morningside2057 MajorSandton
LLANDUDNO (Cape Town)7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LOCHIEL2337 RegionalWitbank
LODEYKO, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
LOERIE6370 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
LOERIESFONTEIN8185 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
LOEVENSTEIN, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LOHATHLA8420 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LOMBARDY EAST, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
LOMBARDY WEST, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
LOMBARDY, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
LONDON VILLAGE, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LONEHILL, Bryanston2062 MajorRandburg
LONG HOPE5822 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
LONGCROFT, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
LONGDALE, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
LONGDOWN Est, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
LONGLANDS8376 RegionalKimberley Regional
LONSDALE0710 Major
LORATO, Zeerust2865 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LORENTZVILLE, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
LORRAINE MANOR, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LORRAINE, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LOTLHAKANE9997RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LOTUS GARDENS, Pretoria0008MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
LOTUS GARDENS, Pretoria0025MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
LOTUS PARK, Isipingo4110 MajorDurban South
LOTUS RIVER Streets7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LOTUS RIVIER Boxes7805 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LOTUSVILLE, Aberdeen6270 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
LOTUSVILLE, Verulam4340 RegionalDurban South
LOUGRIN, Johannesburg2013 MajorWest Rand Route 1
LOUIS BOTHA AIRPORT4029 MajorDurban Central
LOUIS TRICHARDT0920 RegionalPietersberg Central
LOUISVALE8809 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
LOUMAR Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
LOUTERWATER6435 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
LOUWNA8610 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LOUW'S BUSH, Elsiesrivier7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LOUW'S CREEK1302 Regional
LOUWVILLE Boxes7383 RegionalWest Coast
LOUWVILLE, Vredenburg7380 RegionalWest Coast
LOVEMORE HEIGHTS, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LOVEMORE PARK, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
LOWER ILLOVO, KZN4150RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LOWRYVILLE, Colesberg5980 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
LOXTON6985 RegionalGeorge Regional
LUCKHOFF9982 RegionalKimberley Regional
LUIPAARDSVLEI Boxes1743 MajorWest Rand Route 2
LUIPAARDSVLEI, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
LUKASRAND, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
LULEKANI1392 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
LULET6687 RegionalGeorge Regional
LUMIER Boxes1905 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
LUMIER, Vanderbijlpark1911 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
LUNEBURG3183 RegionalNatal Midlands
LUSIKISIKI4820RegionalDurban South
LUTZVILLE8165 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
LWANDLE, Somerset West7130 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LYDENBURG1120 RegionalNelspruit Regional
LYDIANA, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
LYME PARK & Ext, Cramerview2060 MajorRandburg
LYNCHFIELD, Bloemfontein9364 MajorBloemfontein Central
LYNDHURST Boxes2106 MajorSandton
LYNDHURST, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
LYNDHURST, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
LYNEDOCH7603 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
LYNFIELD PARK, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
LYNFRAE Est, Newlands7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
LYNHURST PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
LYNN EAST Boxes0039 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNRODENE, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNVILLE, Witbank1035 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
LYNNWOOD GLEN, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNWOOD MANOR, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNWOOD PARK, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNWOOD RIDGE Boxes0040 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNWOOD RIDGE, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNWOOD, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
LYNNWOOD, Table View7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
LYNNWOODRIF, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
LYNROY, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
LYTTELTON MANOR & Ext, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
LYTTELTON, Verwoerdburg0157 MajorPretoria Central
MAANHAARRAND2809 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAASSTROOM0623 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
MABALIA, Alrode1449 MajorEast Rand
MABILLE PARK, Kuils River7580 MajorTownship 1
MABOLOKA0226RegionalBRITSHigh / Chain / Remote
MABOPANE0190RegionalBRITSHigh / Chain / Remote
MABUYA PARK, Rusloo1468 MajorEast Rand
MACASSAR Boxes7134 MajorTownship 1
MACASSAR, Somerset West7130 MajorTownship 1
MACHADODORP1170 RegionalWitbank
MACHAVIE2531 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MACKENZIE PARK & Ext, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
MACKENZIEVILLE, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
MACLEANTOWN5280 MajorEast London Central
MACLEANVILLE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MACLEAR5480 RegionalEast London Regional
MADADENI2951 RegionalRWS NCS REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
MADIBOGOPAN, Delareyville2770RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MADIKWE GAME RESERVE2838RegionalNORTH WEST 1Ports/Harbours/Plots/Farm
MAFATSANA1981 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
MAFIKENG9997 Regional
MAGALIES VIEW, Bryanston2067 MajorSandton
MAGALIESKRUIN, Pretoria0150 MajorPretoria Central
MAGALIESSIG, Bryanston2067 MajorSandton
MAGELEMBE0466 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAGHEIGHTS, Katlehong1832 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MAGOEBASKLOOF0731 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MAGOGONG8575 RegionalKimberley Regional
MAGOKGWANE2745 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MAHLABATINI3865 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAHWELERENG0626 RegionalPietersberg RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAIDSTONE4380 RegionalDurban North
MAILULU, Rusloo1468 MajorEast Rand
MAIN STREET, PAARL7622 RegionalBoland
MAITLAND7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
MAJA0719 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
MAKADIKWE1062 RegionalWitbank
MAKADO, VENDA0650 RegionalPietersberg Regional
MAKHADO,Pietersburg0920 RegionalPietersberg Regional
MAKHAYA, Khayelitsha7784 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MAKOKSKRAAL2712 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAKONDE0984 RegionalPietersberg RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAKOPPA0381 Regional
MAKWASSIE2650 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MALABAR, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MALAGAS PARK, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
MALAMALA1353 Regional
MALAMULELE0982 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MALAN, Wellington7655 RegionalBoland
MALANSHOF & Ext 1 - 8, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
MALATANE0604 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MALELANE1320 RegionalNelspruit Regional
MALIBU VILLAGE, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MALMESBURY7300 RegionalWest Coast
MALUKAZI, Isipingo4110 MajorDurban South
MALUNGA PARK, Guguletu7750 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MALUTI4740 RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
MALVERN EAST Ext 1 & 3, Bedfordview2008 MajorEast Rand
MALVERN EAST Ext, Bedfordview2008 MajorEast Rand
MALVERN EAST, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
MALVERN, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
MALVERN, Natal Boxes4055 MajorDurban Central
MALVERN, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
MALVERN-OOS, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
MAMELODI Boxes0101 MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MAMELODI EAST, Pretoria0122 MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MAMELODI GARDENS, Pretoria0122 MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MAMELODI Streets0122 MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MAMELODI WEST, Pretoria0122 MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MAMRE7347 RegionalWest Coast
MANABA BEACH4276 RegionalDurban South
MANANGA - KOMATIPOORT1200RegionalNELSPRUITHigh / Chain / Remote
MANCORP MINE8423 RegionalKimberley RegionalMines & Power Stations
MANDALAY, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MANDINI4490 RegionalDurban North
MANDLAMAKHULU2338 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MANENBERG Boxes7767 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MANENBERG Streets7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MANGAUNG9307 MajorBloemfontein CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MANGENI3012 RegionalNatal Midlands
MANGOLD PARK, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MANGUZI3886RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MANKURWANE8345 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MANKWENG0727 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MANLEY FLATS6145 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MANOR GARDENS, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
MANOR, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
MANORS, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
MANUFACTA, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
MANYANDENI2381 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MANYATSENG, Ladybrand9745 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MANYELETI1362 Regional
MANZIL PARK, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
MAOKENG, Kroonstad9499RegionalWELKOM MASTERCHOICEHigh / Chain / Remote
MAPELA0610 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAPETLA & Ext, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MAPETLA EAST, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MAPUMULO4470 RegionalDurban NorthHigh / Chain / Remote
MARA0934 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MARAFE, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MARAIS STEYN PARK, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
MARAIS Tsp, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MARAISBURG Boxes1700 MajorMidrand
MARAISBURG, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
MARATABA SAFARI LODGE, Thabazimbi0380RegionalNYLSTROOM REGIONALPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
MARBLE RAY4035 MajorDurban Central
MARBURG, Port Shepstone4240 RegionalDurban South
MARCHAND8873 RegionalKimberley Regional
MARCHANTDALE, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MARCONI BEAM7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
MAREETSANE8672 RegionalJULIPO KLDHigh / Chain / Remote
MARGATE4275 RegionalDurban South
MARIANN RIDGE, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
MARIANNHILL Boxes3601 MajorPinetown
MARIANNHILL PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
MARIANNHILL, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
MARIANNRIF, Nagina3604 MajorPinetown
MARIANNRIF, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
MARIEPSKOP1383 Regional
MARIKANA MINES0284 RegionalMines & Power Stations
MARIKANA Non Mines0284RegionalBRENLOU 65 MIN
MARIMBA GARDENS, Rusloo1468 MajorEast Rand
MARINA BEACH4281 RegionalDurban South
MARINA DA GAMA, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
MARINA Est/Lgd, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
MARINA Est/Lgd, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
MARINA MOORINGS, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
MARINDA PARK, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MARINE PARADE, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
MARINE PARADE, DURBAN Boxes4056 MajorDurban Central
MARINO HEIGHTS, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
MARISHANE1064 RegionalWitbank
MARISTER, Bredell1623 MajorEast Rand
MARITE1284 Regional
MARKEN0605 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
MARKET SQUARE, GRAHAMSTOWN6141 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MARKET SQUARE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
MARKET SQUARE, King William's Town5600 RegionalEast London Regional
MARKMAN Tsp/Dgd, Port Elizabeth6210 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MARKPLEIN, GRAHAMSTAD6141 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MARKPLEIN, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
MARKPLEIN, King William's Town5600 RegionalEast London Regional
MARLANDS, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
MARLBORO2063 MajorSandton
MARLBORO Boxes2063 MajorSandton
MARLBORO Ext 1, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
MARLBORO GARDENS, Marlboro2063 MajorSandton
MARLBORO TUINE, Marlboro2063 MajorSandton
MARLBOROUGH PARK, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MARLBOROUGH PARK, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
MARLBOROUGH PARK, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
Marlothpark - Nelspruit1320 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MARNITZ0620 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAROELANA, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
MARQUARD9610 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MARSEILLES9747 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MARSHALLTOWN Boxes2107 MajorJohannesburg Central
MARSHALLTOWN, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
MARTINDALE (Cape)6146 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MARTIN'S VILLA, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
MARULANENG1067 RegionalPietersberg Regional
MARVIN PARK, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
MARYDALE8910 RegionalKimberley Regional
MARYVALE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
MASEMOLA1060 RegionalPietersberg Regional
MASHAENG, Fouriesburg9725 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MASHASHANE0743 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MASHISHING1123 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MASILO, Theunissen9410 Regional
MASIONS MILL, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
MASIPHUMELELE, Cape Town7975RegionalSouthern Suburbs
MASOHENG1908 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
MATAFFIN1205 Regional
MATALENG, Barkly West8375 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MATATIELE4730 RegionalDurban South
MATCO2275 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MATHABATHA0733 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MATIMBA0558 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
MATIMBA POWER STATION, Lephalale0555RegionalMines & Power Stations
MATJIES RIVER6634 RegionalGeorge Regional
MATJIESFONTEIN6901 RegionalNorthern CapeHigh / Chain / Remote
MATJIESRIVIER6634 RegionalGeorge Regional
MATLA2274 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MATLAPANENG, Vryburg8605RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MATOLA FARM, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
MATROOSFONTEIN7490 MajorTownship 1
MATSULU1203 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MAX GOODMAN PARK, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
MAXAKENI1283 Regional
MAYBERRY PARK & Ext 1, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
MAYDON WHARF Boxes4057 MajorDurban Central
MAYDON WHARF, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
MAYDONKAAI, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
MAYFAIR NORTH, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MAYFAIR WEST, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MAYFAIR, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MAYFAIR, JOHANNESBURG Box2108 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MAYFIELD PARK, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MAYNARDVILLE, Wynberg7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MAYOR'S WALK Boxes3208 Major
MAYOR'S WALK, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
MAYVILLE Boxes4058 MajorDurban Central
MAYVILLE, Durban4091 MajorDurban Central
MAYVILLE, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
MAZENZELE2624 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MBAZWANA3974 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MBEKWENI7626 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
McGREGOR6708 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
McNAMEE VILLAGE, Port Elizabeth6200 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
McNAUGHTON, Uitenhage6241 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MDANTSANE5219RegionalEast London Regional
MEADOW Est, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MEADOWBROOK, Edenvale (Tvl)1609 MajorEast Rand
MEADOWDALE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
MEADOWDALE, Isando1600 MajorEast Rand
MEADOWHURST, Jukskeipark2153 MajorRandburg
MEADOWLANDS Boxes1851 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MEADOWLANDS Ext, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MEADOWLANDS Streets1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MEADOWRIDGE, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MEDICO9319 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MEDUNSA0204 RegionalPretoria Regional
MEDUPI POWER STATION, Lephalale0555RegionalMines & Power Stations
MEER EN SEE Boxes3901 Regional
MEER EN SEE, Richards Bay3901 Regional
MEERENDAL Est, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
MEERHOF, Hartbeespoort0216 Regional
MEERLUS1090 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MEGAWATT PARK, Sunninghill2157 MajorSandton
MEHLOMNYAMA4246 Regional
MEIRINGSPARK, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
MEIRINGSPARK, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
MELK RIVER0541 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MELMOTH3835 Regional
MELODIE, Hartbeespoort0216 Regional
MELODING, Virginia (OFS)9430 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MELON6365 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MELOPARK, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MELROSE ESTATE, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
MELROSE GARDENS, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
MELROSE NORTH, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
MELROSE, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
MELROSE, Johannesburg - Glencore2196 MajorSandton
MELTON ROSE Boxes7101 MajorTownship 1
MELTON ROSE, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownship 1
MELTONWOLD7071 RegionalKimberley Regional
MELVILLE Boxes2109 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MELVILLE, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MELVILLE, Stanger4450 RegionalDurban North
MENLO PARK Boxes0102 MajorPretoria Central
MENLO PARK, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
MENLYN, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
MEREBANK Boxes4059 MajorDurban Central
MEREBANK, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
MEREDALE & Ext 2 & 4, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MERENCOR8465 RegionalKimberley Regional
MEREWENT, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
MERRIESPRUIT Boxes9433 Regional
MERRIESPRUIT, Virginia (OFS)9430 Regional
MERRIMAN7011 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MERROW DOWN, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
MERRYDALE PARK, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MERRYDALE, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MERWEVILLE6940 RegionalGeorge Regional
MESSINA0900 RegionalPietersberg Central
METRO Tsp, Paardeneiland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
METSIMATSHO9873 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MEULSTRAAT, KAAPSTAD8010 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
MEULSTRAAT,KAAPSTAD8010 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
MEYERHOF, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MEYERHOF, Bothaville9660 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MEYERSDAL, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
MEYERSPARK & Ext 8, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
MEYERSPARK Boxes0103 MajorPretoria Central
MEYERTON1960 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
MEYERTON PARK, Meyerton1960 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
MFOLOZI3925 Regional
MFULENI7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MFUME4160 RegionalDurban South
MGWALI4934 RegionalEast London Regional
MHLATI FARM1320RegionalNELSPRUITPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
MHLUNGWANE3121 RegionalNatal Midlands
MHLUZI Boxes1053 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MHLUZI, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MICA1382 Regional
MICHAUSDAL Boxes5884 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MICHAUSDAL, Cradock5880 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MICOR, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MID ILLOVO3750 RegionalNatal Midlands
MIDDELBURG SOUTH, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
MIDDELBURG, (Cape)5900 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MIDDELBURG, Tvl1050 Major
MIDDELBURG-SUID, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
MIDDELPLAAS6630 RegionalGeorge Regional
MIDDELPOS8193 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
MIDDLEDRIFT 5685 RegionalEast London Regional
MIDDLETON5810 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MIDDLETON, Caledon7230 RegionalCape East Coast 1
MID-ENNERDALE, Odin Park1825 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MIDHURST Est, Constantia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MIDRAND 1685 MajorMidrand
MIDRAND - SPM DIRECT - ABSA1685 MajorJohannesburg Central
MIDRAND, Halfway Gardens1686MajorMidrand
MIDRAND, Halfway House1685 MajorMidrand
MIDRAND, Halfway House - TCM1685 Major
MIDROS, Middelburg (Cape)5900 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MIDSTREAM ESTATE1692 MajorPretoria Central
MIDVAAL1949 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
MIEDERPARK, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
MIEDERPARK, Potchefstroom2527 Regional
MIER8811 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
MIGDOL2775 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MIKRO PARK, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MILL HILL & Ext, Cramerview2060 MajorRandburg
MILL PARK, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MILLARD GRANGE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MILLER6682 RegionalGeorge Regional
MILLERS POINT, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
MILLSITE1761 Regional
MILNAVAIR Boxes7396 RegionalWest Coast
MILNAVAIR, Saldanha7395 RegionalWest Coast
MILNER Est, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
MILNER Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MILNERTON Streets7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
MILNERTON, Chevron Refinery (CPT)7441MajorCAPE TOWN 28Mines & Power Stations
MIMOSA PARK, Elsburg1407 MajorEast Rand
MIMOSA, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MINDALORE NORTH, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
MINDALORE, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
MINERVA PARK, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
MINNEBRON Boxes1549 MajorEast Rand
MINNEBRON, Brakpan1549 MajorEast Rand
MINT VILLAGE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
MIRAMAR, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MISGUND6440 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MISSIONVALE, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MISTY CLIFFS, Cape Town6503MajorCAPE TOWN 26
MITCHELL STREET, Pretoria0104 MajorPretoria Central
MITCHELLS PLAIN7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MKHUHLU1246 RegionalNELSPRUITHigh / Chain / Remote
MKONDENI, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
MKONJANE3007 RegionalNatal Midlands
MKUZE3965 Regional
MLAMBO3975 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MLUNGISI5321 RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MMABATHO9996 Regional
MMAFEFE0738 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MNANDI, Somerset East5850 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MNANDI, Wierdapark0149 MajorPretoria Central
MNATO, Ntokozweni4066 MajorDurban Central
MOBENI Boxes4060 MajorDurban Central
MOBENI HEIGHTS, Durban4092 MajorDurban Central
MOBENI, Durban4052 MajorDurban Central
MODDER EAST, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
MODDER RIVER8700 RegionalKimberley Regional
MODDERBEE, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
MODDERDAM, Lavistown7490 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MODDERFONTEIN1645 MajorEast Rand
MODDERFONTEIN SlH, Bryanston2065 MajorSandton
MODDERGAT OOS, WORCESTER6849RegionalBolandPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
MODDERPOORT9746 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MODEL VILLAGE, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MODELKLOOF, Ladysmith (Natal)3370 RegionalRWS LDY LOCAL
MODELPARK, Witbank1035 Major
MODJADJI0837 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MODJADJI083RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MOEDWIL0315 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOEMANENG, Marquard9610 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MOETLADIMO0891 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MOFFAT VIEW, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
MOFOLO CENTRAL, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOFOLO NORTH, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOFOLO SOUTH, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOFOLO VILLAGE, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOFOLO-NOORD, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOFOLO-SUID, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOGODUMO0735 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MOGUL PARK, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
MOGWADI0302 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MOGWASE0302RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOGWASE - DO NOT USE0302 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOHADIN, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
MOHLAKENG1766 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOIKOTSO, Lichtenburg2740 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOKGARENG, Vryburg8445RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOKODUMELA9868 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
MOKOPANE0601 RegionalPietersberg Central
MOLAPO & Ext/Uit, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOLAPO VILLAGE, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOLEN DRIFT6537 MajorGeorge Central
MOLENVLIET, Mowbray7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MOLETLANE0599 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
MOLETSANE, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOLOPO RIVER8680 RegionalKimberley Regional
MOLOTO1002 RegionalPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOLOTOTSI0827 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MOLSVLEI8202 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
MOLTENO5500 RegionalEast London Regional
MON REPOS, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MONAVONI, Wierdapark0149 MajorPretoria Central
MONDEOR Boxes2110 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MONDEOR, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MONSTERLUS1057 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MONTAGU6720 RegionalBoland
MONTAGU Est/Lgd, Grassy Park7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MONTAGUE GARDENS, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
MONTANA, De Aar7000 RegionalKimberley Regional
MONTANA, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MONTANA, Pretoria0151 MajorPretoria Central
MONTANAPARK, Montana0151 MajorPretoria Central
MONT-AUX-SOURCES3353 RegionalNatal Midlands
MONTCLAIR Boxes4061 MajorDurban Central
MONTCLAIR, Durban4011 MajorDurban Central
MONTCLAIR, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MONTCLAIR, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MONTCLAIR, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
MONTE VIDEO, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MONTE VISTA Boxes7461 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MONTE VISTA Streets7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MONTEREY Est, Constantia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MONTFORD, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
MONTGOMERY PARK, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
MONTPARK, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
MONTROSE Est, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MONTROSE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
MONTROUX, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
MONTSHIWA, Mafikeng9997 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MONUMENT & Ext, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
MONUMENT HEIGHTS, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
MONUMENTPARK & Ext 2, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
MONUMENTPARK Boxes0105 MajorPretoria Central
MONYAKENG, Wesselsbron9680 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOODIEHILL, Morningside2057 MajorSandton
MOOIGEZIGHT, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MOOINOOI0325 Regional
MOOIPLAAS5288 MajorEast London Central
MOOIVALLEIPARK, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
MOOIVERWACHT, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MOOKETSI0825 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MOOLENBERG Est, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MOORREESBURG7310 RegionalWest Coast
MOORTON, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
MOPANE0925 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MORAVIA7322 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
MOREBENG0810RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
MOREGLOED, Pietersburg0699 RegionalPietersberg Regional
MOREGLOED, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
MOREGROVE, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MOREHILL & Ext, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
MORELENG0370RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
MORELETAPARK, Pretoria0044 MajorPretoria Central
MORELIG9701 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MORET, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
MORGANRIDGE & Ext 2, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
MORGAN'S BAY5292 MajorEast London Central
MORGANSBAAI5292 MajorEast London Central
MORGENSTER, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MORGENSTER, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MORGENZON HEIGHTS Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MORNING HILL, Bedfordview2008 MajorEast Rand
MORNINGSIDE HILLS, Morningside2057 MajorSandton
MORNINGSIDE MANOR, Gallo Manor2052 MajorSandton
MORNINGSIDE SUMMIT, Morningside2057 MajorSandton
MORNINGSIDE, Bryanston2057 MajorSandton
MORNINGSIDE, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
MORNINGSIDE, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
MORNINGSIDE, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
MORNINGSIDE, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MORNINGSIDE, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
MORNINGSIDE, Tokai7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MORNINGSTAR, Dieprivier7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MORNINGSTAR, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
MOROKA & Ext, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOROKA Boxes1860 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOROKA NORTH, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MOROKWENG, Vryburg8445RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOROLONG0433 RegionalWitbank OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
MORRISON4226 RegionalDurban South
MORTIMER5870 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MORULENG0370RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
MOSELEY PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
MOSELEY, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
MOSELVILLE6232 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MOSORONI0874 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MOSSEL BAY6500 RegionalGeorge Regional
MOSTERTSDRIFT, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
MOSTYN PARK, Honeydew2040 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
MOTEBONG2514 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOTETEMA0473 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MOTHERWELL2116 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOTHERWELL, Swartkops6210 MajorPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOTHIBISTAD8460 RegionalKimberley Regional
MOTHUTLUNG, Brits0250 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOTORTOWN2111 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MOTSEMOTSE2282 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MOTSETHABONG9463 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOUILLE POINT, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
MOUNT AYLIFF4735 RegionalDurban South
MOUNT CROIX, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MOUNT EDGECOMBE4300 MajorDurban South
MOUNT FRERE5090 RegionalDurban South
MOUNT PLEASANT, Hermanus7200 RegionalCape East Coast 1
MOUNT PLEASANT, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MOUNT ROAD TOWNSHIP, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MOUNT VERNON, Durban4094 MajorDurban Central
MOUNT VIEW, Lansdowne7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MOUNTAIN RISE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
MOUNTAIN VIEW Boxes0107 MajorPretoria Central
MOUNTAIN VIEW Est, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
MOUNTAIN VIEW VILLAGE, Retreat7945 MajorTownship 1
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
MOUNTVIEW, Milnerton7441 MajorWestern Suburbs
MOUTH VIEW, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
MOWBRAY, Cape Town7705 MajorSouthern Suburbs
MOYAMKHULU2519 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MOZODO, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MPHAHLELE0736 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MPHATLALATSANE1769 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MPHOGODIBA0732 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MPOLWENI3430 RegionalNatal Midlands
MPUDULLE1057 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
MPULUZI2335 RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
MPUMALANGA TOWNSHIP, KZN3699RegionalDurban CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MPUNZI DRIFT4261 RegionalDurban South
MQANDULI, East London5080RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MSHENGUVILLE, Meadowlands1852 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
MSINDO0456 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
MSOGWABA1215 Regional
MTAMVUNA4683 RegionalDurban South
MTHAMBOTHINI0462 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
MTHATHA5100 RegionalEast London Regional
MTHATHA(Umtata)5100 RegionalEast London Regional
MTUBATUBA3935 Regional
MTUNZINI3867 Regional
MTWALUME4186 RegionalDurban South
MUCKLENEUK, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
MUDEN3501 RegionalNatal Midlands
MUGENA1366 Regional
MUIZENBERG Streets7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
MULBARTON SOUTH, Glenvista2059 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MULBARTON, Glenvista2059 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MULBARTON-SUID, Glenvista2059 MajorWest Rand Route 1
MULDERSDRIF1747 MajorJohannesburg Central
MUNNIK0703 RegionalPietersberg Central
MUNSIEVILLE, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
MUNSTER4278 RegionalDurban South
MURCHISON4250 RegionalDurban South
MURDOCH VALLEY, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
MURRAYFIELD & Ext 1, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
MURRAYSBURG6995 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
MUSGRAVE ROAD, DURBAN4062 MajorDurban Central
MUSHWELLDALE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
MUTALE0956RegionalPietersberg RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MUTHATHI0976 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
MUTUAL/STA, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
MUZIMUHLE Boxes2627 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MUZIMUHLE, Orkney2620 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
MVUNYANA3120 RegionalNatal Midlands
MZAMOMHLE Boxes5522 RegionalEast London Regional
MZAMOMHLE, Burgersdorp (Cape)5520 RegionalEast London Regional
MZINGIZI, Cedarville4720 RegionalDurban South
MZINI1768 RegionalPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
NABABEEP8265 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
NAGINA3604 MajorPinetownHigh / Chain / Remote
NAGLEWOOD4063 MajorDurban Central
NAHOON Boxes5210 MajorEast London Central
NAHOON DAM, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
NAHOON VALLEY PARK, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
NAHOON VALLEY, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
NAHOON, East London5241 MajorEast London Central
NALEDI & Ext/Uit, kwaXuma1868 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NAMAKGALE1391 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NANCEFIELD HOSTEL, Pimville1808 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NANCEFIELD, Kliptown1812 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NAPIER7270 RegionalCape East Coast
NAPIERVILLE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
NARUNA Est, Southfield7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NASHVILLE, Pimville1808 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NATALSPRUIT1449 MajorEast Rand
NATURENA, Mondeor2064 MajorJohannesburg Central
NATURE'S VALLEY, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
NATURE'S VALLEY, Wilderness6560RegionalGeorge Regional
NAVORSDORP, Pretoria0184 MajorPretoria Central
NAZARETH, KZN3600RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NAZARETH, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
NCANARA6180 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ncandu4340 RegionalDurban South
NCANDU PARK, Newcastle2940 RegionalRWS NCS LOCAL
NDABENI, BARNO PLASTICS7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
NDABENI, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
NDULINDE3803 RegionalNorth CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
NDUNDULU3817 Regional
NDWEDWE4342 RegionalDurban NorthHigh / Chain / Remote
NEANDERTAL0714 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NEAVE Tsp/Dgd, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
NEBO1059 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
NEDERBERG, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
NEDERBURG Boxes7627 RegionalBoland
NEDERBURG, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
NEHINA Est, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NEILERSDRIF8862 RegionalKimberley Regional
NELSPOORT6973 RegionalGeorge Regional
NELSPRUIT CBD1200 MajorNelspruit Central
NELSVILLE, Nelspruit1200 RegionalNelspruit Regional
NERINA, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
NERISSA Est, Lansdown7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NERISSA, Rondebosch7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NESERHOF, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
NETHERBY4550 RegionalDurban North
NETREG, Bontheuwel7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW BATAVIA, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NEW BRIGHTON6200 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW BRIGHTON VILLAGE, Port Elizabeth6205 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW BRIGHTON, De Aar7000 RegionalKimberley Regional
NEW BRIGHTON, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
NEW BRIGHTON, Somerset East5850 RegionalPort Elizabeth RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW CANADA, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
NEW CENTRE, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
NEW CLYDESDALE, Van Dyksdrif2245 RegionalWitbank
NEW CROSS ROADS, Guguletu7755 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW CROSS ROADS, Guguletu7755 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW DAWN PARK, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NEW DENMARK COLLIERY, Mpumalanga2429RegionalRWS BETHAL REGIONALMines & Power Stations
NEW DOORNFONTEIN, Johanne2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
NEW GERMANY Streets3610 MajorPinetown
NEW GERMANY Boxes3620 MajorPinetown
NEW HANOVER3440 RegionalNatal Midlands
NEW LOCATION, Brandfort9400 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
NEW LOCATION, Randfontein1760 Regional
NEW MACASSAR VILLAGE, Somerset West7130 MajorTownship 1
NEW MACHAVIE2529 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW MODDER, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
NEW MUCKLENEUK, Pretoria0181 MajorPretoria Central
NEW ORLEANS, Paarl7646 RegionalTownships
NEW PARK, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
NEW REDRUTH, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
NEW REST, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
NEW STATE AREAS, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
NEW TAFELSIG, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NEW Tsp/Dgd, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
NEW WOODLANDS, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NEWARK, Darnall4480 RegionalDurban North
NEWCLARE Boxes2112 MajorWest Rand Route 1
NEWCLARE, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
NEWFIELDS, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownship 1
NEWHOLME, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
NEWLANDS (Cape Town) Boxes7725 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NEWLANDS (Cape Town) Streets7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NEWLANDS EAST, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NEWLANDS WEST, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NEWLANDS, Beaufort West6970 RegionalGeorge Regional
NEWLANDS, Durban North4051 MajorDurban North
NEWLANDS, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
NEWLANDS, Pretoria0081 MajorPretoria Central
NEWLANDS-OOS, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NEWLANDS-WES, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NEWMARKET, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
NEWTON KLOOF, Wellington7655 RegionalBoland
NEWTON PARK Boxes6055 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
NEWTON PARK, Port Elizabeth6045 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
NEWTON PARK, Port Elizabeth RECTRON6045Major
NEWTON, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
NEWTOWN Boxes2113 MajorWest Rand Route 1
NEWTOWN, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NEWTOWN, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
NEWTOWN, Fort Beaufort5720 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
NEWTOWN, Inanda (Ntl)4310 RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
NEWTOWN, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
NEWTOWN, Wellington7655 RegionalBoland
NEWVILLE2114 MajorWest Rand Route 1
NGODWANA1209 Regional
NGOME3111 RegionalNatal Midlands
NGQELENI5140 RegionalEast London Regional
NGULA3378 RegionalNatal Midlands
NGWELEZANE, KZN3880RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NHLAZATSHE3116 RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
NICOMAR, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
NIEKERKSHOOP8930 RegionalKimberley Regional
NIETVERDIEND2874 RegionalMines & Power Stations
NIEU-BETHESDA6286 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
NIEUVELD6976 RegionalGeorge Regional
NIEUWOUDTVILLE8180 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
NIGEL1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
NIMRODPARK, Kempton Park1619 MajorEast Rand
NINAPARK, Pretoria0156 Major
NIRVANA Est, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NIRVANA, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
NKANDE3024 RegionalNatal Midlands
NKANDLA3855 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NKOWANKOWA0849 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
NKURI0858 RegionalPietersberg Central
NKWALINI3816 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NKWE0616 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
NOBEL1655 MajorMidrand
NOBEL PARK, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
NOENIEPUT8813 RegionalKimberley Regional
NOLDICK, Meyerton1960 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
NOLL6462 RegionalGeorge Regional
NONDELA - Drakensberg Mountain Estate3340 RegionalNatal Midlands
NONDWENI3137 RegionalNatal Midlands
NONGOMA3950 Regional
NONZWAKAZI Boxes7002 RegionalKimberley Regional
NONZWAKAZI, De Aar7000 RegionalKimberley Regional
NOOITGEDACHT, Lavistown7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NOORDBRUG Boxes2522 Regional
NOORDBRUG, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
NOORDEINDE, Port Elizabet6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
NOORDER-PAARL Boxes7623 RegionalBoland
NOORDER-PAARL Streets7646 RegionalBoland
NOORDGESIG, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NOORDHANG, Jukskeipark2153 MajorRandburg
NOORDHEUWEL & Ext 2, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
NOORDHEUWEL, Alexandria6185 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
NOORDHOEK (Cape) Boxes7985 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
NOORDHOEK, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
NOORDHOEK, Velddrif7370 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
NOORDSIG, Empangeni3880 Regional
NOORDWYK Ext 1 & 16, Halfway House1687 MajorMidrand
NOORDWYK, Halfway House1687 MajorMidrand
NORFOLK PARK, Tokai7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
NORKEM PARK & Ext, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
NORKEM PARK Boxes1631 MajorEast Rand
NORSCOT, Four Ways2055 MajorRandburg
NORTH BANK, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
NORTH BEACH, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
NORTH END, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
NORTH END, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
NORTH END, Port Elizabeth6056 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
NORTH GATE Est, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
NORTH PINE, Brackenfell7560 MajorTownship 1
NORTH RIDING Boxes2162 MajorRandburg
NORTH RIDING, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
NORTH SHORE Est, Houtbaai7800 RegionalCAPE TOWN 27
NORTHAM0360 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
NORTHCLIFF Boxes2115 MajorRandburg
NORTHCLIFF Ext 19 & 2, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
NORTHCLIFF VIEW, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
NORTHCLIFF, Hermanus7200 RegionalCape East Coast 1
NORTHCROFT, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NORTHDALE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
NORTHDENE Boxes4064 MajorDurban Central
NORTHDENE PARK Est, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
NORTHDENE, Brakpan1540 MajorEast Rand
NORTHDENE, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
NORTHDENE, Vanderbijlpark1911 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
NORTHERN ACRES, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
NORTHERN PARK, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
NORTHHILL, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
NORTHLANDS (Tvl)2116 MajorRandburg
NORTHLANDS, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NORTHLANDS, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
NORTHMEAD & Ext 3 & 4, Benoni1501 MajorEast Rand
NORTHMEAD, BENONI Boxes1511 MajorEast Rand
NORTHVIEW, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
NORTHVIEW, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
NORTHWAY Boxes4065 MajorDurban Central
NORTHWAY, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
NORTHWOLD, Randburg2155 MajorRandburg
NORTON SlHs/Khw, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
NORVALSPONT5981 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
NORWOOD Boxes2117 MajorSandton
NORWOOD Est/Lgd, Elsies River7490 MajorNorthern Suburbs
NORWOOD, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
NOUPOORT5950 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
NOYCEDALE, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
NQABENI4682 RegionalDurban SouthHigh / Chain / Remote
NQAMAKWE , East London4990 RegionalEast London Regional
NQUTU3135 RegionalRWS NCS OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
NSELENI3882 Regional
NSINGWENI3806 Regional
NTABEBOMVU3008 RegionalNatal Midlands
NTHA, Lindley9630RegionalRWS HARRISMITH REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
NTLAFATSONG9476 Regional
NTLANZAME, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NTOKOZWENI4066 MajorDurban Central
NTSIMA0711 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NTSWELETSOKU,Tzaneen0850RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
NTUMENI3830 Regional
NTUNJAMBILI3560 RegionalNatal Midlands
NTUZUMA, kwaMashu4360 RegionalDurban NorthHigh / Chain / Remote
NUCAM2355 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
NUFFIELD, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
NUWEDORP, Darling7345 RegionalWest Coast
NUWEDORP, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
NUWEDORPSGEBIED, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
NUWERUS8201 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
NUWE-SMITSDORP0706 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NUY VALLEY, WORCESTER6849RegionalBolandPorts/Harbours/Plots/Farm
NWAMANUNGU0932 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
NWAMITWA0871 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
NYANGA7755 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NYANGA EAST, Nyanga7755 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
NYANYADU3004 RegionalNatal Midlands
NYONI3802 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
NZHELELE0993 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
OAK GLEN, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OAK PARK, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
OAK VIEW, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
OAKDALE Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OAKDALE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OAKDALE, Cape Town7534 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OAKDENE, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
OAKDENE, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OAKLANDS, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
OAKLANDS, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
OAKLANDS, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
OAKLANDS, Verulam4340 RegionalDurban South
OAKLY, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
OAKRIDGE Ext, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
OATLANDS SlHs, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
OATLANDS, Grahamstown6140 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
OBERHOLZER Boxes2502 Regional
OBERHOLZER, Carletonville2500 Regional
OBSERVATORY & Ext, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
OBSERVATORY Cape Town7935 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
OCEAN VIEW, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
OCEAN VIEW, KOMMETJIE7975 MajorTownship 1High / Chain / Remote
ODIN PARK1825 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
OERDERPARK, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
OFCOLACO0854 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
OGIES2230 RegionalWitbank
OHRIGSTAD1122 Regional
O'KENNEDYVILLE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OKIEP8270 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
OKWATHI AREA, Tongaat3000RegionalDurban NorthHigh / Chain / Remote
OLD OAK, DURBANVILLE7537 MajorNorthern Suburbs
Olievenhoutbosch, Centurion0175RegionalPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
OLIFANTPARK6109 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
OLIFANTSHOEK8450 RegionalKimberley Regional
OLIVANNA, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
OLIVEDALE, Randburg2158 MajorRandburg
OLIVINE Est, Lansdown7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
ONDERPAPEGAAIBERG, Stellenbosch7600 MajorTownship 1
ONDER-SMOORDRIF5827 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
ONRUS RIVER7201 RegionalCape East Coast 1
ONRUSRIVIER7201 RegionalCape East Coast 1
ONSEEPKANS8892 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
ONTDEKKERSPARK, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
ONVERWACHT, Ellisras0557 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ONZE MOLEN, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OOS-DRIEFONTEIN, Carletonville2500 RegionalMines & Power Stations
OOS-EINDE, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
OOSEINDE, DURBAN4018 MajorDurban Central
OOS-EINDE, Rustenburg0300 Regional
OOSPOORT, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
OOS-RAND Busse1462 MajorEast Rand
OOS-RAND, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
OOSTERMOED0321 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
OOSTERSEE Est, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
OOSTERVELD2304 RegionalWitbankHigh / Chain / Remote
OPHIRTON, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
OPKOMS, Bloemfontein9306 MajorBloemfontein Central
OPPERMANS9987 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
OPWAG8851 RegionalKimberley Regional
ORANGE FARM1805 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ORANGE GROVE Boxes2119 MajorSandton
ORANGE GROVE, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
ORANGE GROVE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
ORANIA8752RegionalKimberley Regional
ORANJEHOF, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
ORANJEKRUIN Boxes8807 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
ORANJEKRUIN, Upington8800 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
ORANJESIG, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
ORANJEZICHT, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
ORCHARD (Cape)6870 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
ORCHARDS Ext 2, Pretoria0002 MajorBRITS
ORCHARDS, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
ORIBI Boxes3205 Major
ORIBI, Pietermaritzburg3205MajorPietermaritzburg Township
ORIEL, Bedfordview2008 MajorEast Rand
ORIENT HEIGHTS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
ORIENT HILLS, Isipingo4110 MajorDurban South
ORIENT PARK, Isipingo4110 MajorDurban South
ORKNEY2620 Regional
ORKNEY MINES2620RegionalMines & Power Stations
ORLANDO Boxes1803 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ORLANDO EAST, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ORLANDO Streets1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ORLANDO WEST, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ORLANDO-OOS, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ORLANDO-WES, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ORMONDE & Ext 1 & 3, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
ORNIHAVEN, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
OSINDISWENI, KZN4340RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
oSIZWENI2952 RegionalRWS NCS REGIONALHigh / Chain / Remote
OSLO BEACH, Port Shepston4240 RegionalDurban South
OSUMMIT, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
OTTAWA, Verulam4340 RegionalDurban South
OTTERY7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
OTTERY Boxes7808 MajorSouthern Suburbs
OTTOSDAL2610 Regional
OTTOSHOOP2866 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
OUBAAI, Herolds Bay6615RegionalGeorge Regional
OUBOSRAND6303 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
OUDE MOLEN, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
OUDEKRAAL, Cape Town8001 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
OUDEWERFPARK, Parys9585 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
OUDORP, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
OUDORP, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
OUDTSHOORN6620 RegionalGeorge Regional
OUPLAAS, Knysna6570 RegionalGeorge Regional
OUVOLK2471 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
OVERBAKENS, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
OVERIJSSEL0606 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
OVERKRUIN, Heidelberg2400 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
OVERPORT Boxes4067 MajorDurban Central
OVERPORT, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
OZWATINI3476 RegionalNatal MidlandsHigh / Chain / Remote
PAARDEKRAAL Boxes1752 RegionalWest Rand Route 2
PAARDEKRAAL, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
PAARDEN EILAND Boxes7420 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PAARDENEILAND, CAPE TOWN7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PAARDENEILAND, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PAARDEVLEI, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
PAARL Streets7646 RegionalBoland
PAARL Boxes7646 RegionalBoland
PAARL EAST, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
PAARL-OOS, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
PAARLSHOOP, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
PAARLVALLEI, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
PAARLZICHT, Paarl7646 RegionalBoland
PABALLELO, Upington8800 RegionalBloemfontein RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PACALTSDORP6534 MajorGeorge Central
PADDOCK4244 RegionalDurban South
PADFIELD PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
PAGEVIEW, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
PALEISHEUWEL8115 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
PALM BEACH, KZN4275Regional
PALM PARK, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PALM RIDGE, Port Elizabeth6059 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PALMLANDS, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
PALMRIDGE, Alberton1449 RegionalEast RandHigh / Chain / Remote
PALMRIDGE, Eden Park1455 MajorEast Rand
PALMVIEW, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
PAMPIERSTAD8566 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PANMURE, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
PANORAMA Boxes7506 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PANORAMA GARDENS, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
PANORAMA, Empangeni3880 Regional
PANORAMA, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PANORAMA, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
PARADISE BEACH6170 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
PARADISE Est, Newlands7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PARADISE PARK, Rusloo1468 MajorEast Rand
PARADISE VALLEY, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
PARADISE, Knysna6570 RegionalGeorge Regional
PARADYSKLOOF, Stellenbosch7600 MajorBoland 1
PARADYSSTRAND, Humansdorp6300 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
PARBEL Est, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PARI PARK, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PARK CENTRAL, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARK Est, Rondebosch7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PARK ISLAND, Muizenberg7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
PARK RYNIE4182 RegionalDurban South
PARK SOUTH Boxes1910 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PARK SOUTH, Vanderbijlpark1911 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PARK VIEW, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PARK WEST, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
PARKDENE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
PARKDENE, George6529 MajorGeorge Central
PARKGATE, Table View7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
PARKHAVEN, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
PARKHILL GARDENS, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
PARKHURST Boxes2120 MajorSandton
PARKHURST, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARKHURST, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PARKLANDS, Cape Town7441 MajorWest Coast
PARKLANDS, Johannesburg2121 MajorSandton
PARKMORE, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
PARKRAND & Ext 1, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
PARKRIDGE, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
PARKSIDE, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
PARKSIDE, Ladismith (Cape)6885 Regional
PARKSIDE, Port Elizabeth6020 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PARKSIDE, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
PARKTOWN NORTH, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARKTOWN WEST, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARKTOWN, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PARKTOWN, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARKTOWN, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
PARKTOWN-NOORD, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARKTOWN-WES, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARKVALE, Queenstown5320 RegionalEast London Regional
PARKVIEW Boxes2122 MajorSandton
PARKVIEW VILLAGE, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PARKVIEW, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARKVIEW, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PARKWES, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
PARKWOOD Est, Retreat7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PARKWOOD, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
PARLEMENT8007 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PARLIAMENT8007 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PARLOCK, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
PAROW7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PAROW EAST Boxes7501 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PAROW EAST, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PAROW INDUSTRIA, Matroosfontein7490 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PAROW NORTH, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PAROW-NOORD, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PAROW-OOS, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PAROWVALLEI, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PARROW-VALLEI Boxes7503 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PARSONS HILL, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PARSON'S VLEI, Port Elizabeth6025 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PARSONSHEUWEL, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PARYS9585 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PATENSIE6335 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
PATERNOSTER7381 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
PATERSON6130 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
PATTERSON PARK, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
PAUL KRUGER RESORT, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
PAUL ROUX9800 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
PAULSHOF Ext 8, Rivonia2056 MajorSandton
PAULSHOF, Rivonia2056 MajorSandton
PAULUSWEG0814 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
PAYNEVILLE1565 MajorEast Rand
PEACEHAVEN Boxes1934 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PEACEHAVEN, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
PEACEHAVEN, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PEACEVALE, KZN3624Regional
PEARL RISE, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
PEARL VALLEY ESTATE7690RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
PEARSTON5860 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
PEDDIE5640 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
PEERLESS PARK EAST, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PEERLESS PARK NORTH, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PEERLESS PARK, Kraaifontein7570 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PEER'S HILL Est, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
PEFFERVILLE Boxes5220 MajorEast London Central
PEFFERVILLE, East London5209 MajorEast London Central
PEKALMY Est, Bergvliet7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PELGRIMSRUS1290 RegionalNelspruit Regional
PELHAM, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
PELICAN PARK, Grassy Park7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PELINDABA, Pretoria0250 RegionalRBG BRITS
PELLA8891 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
PELLISSIER, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
PELZVALE, Randfontein1760 Regional
PEMMO PARK, Pietersburg0699 Major
PENFORD, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PENHILL PARK, Plumstead7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PENHILL, Eersterivier7100 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PENINAPARK, Pietersburg0699 MajorPietersberg Central
PENLYN Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PENNINGTON4184 RegionalDurban South
PENQUIN Est, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
PENTAGONPARK, Bloemfontein9301 MajorBloemfontein Central
PENTRICH, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
PENVAAN3106 RegionalNatal Midlands
PENZANCE Est, Houtbaai7800 RegionalCAPE TOWN 27
PERCELIA Est/Lgd, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
PERDEBERG9936 RegionalKimberley Regional
PERRIDGEVALE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PERSEVERANCE IND. TOWNSHIP6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PERSEVERANCE IND. TOWNSHIP - Corning Products S.A.6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PERSIDA, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
PESCODIA8309 MajorKimberley Central
PETERSFIELD & Ext, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
PETERSFIELD Boxes1566 MajorEast Rand
PETERVALE, Bryanston2151 MajorRandburg
PETIT1512 MajorEast Rand
PETRO SA6500RegionalGeorge Regional
PETRUSBURG9932 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
PETRUSVILLE8770 RegionalKimberley Regional
PHAHAMENG, Bloemfontein9323 MajorBloemfontein CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
PHAHAMENG, Bultfontein9670 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PHAKAMISA5620RegionalEast London RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PHALABORWA1390 RegionalPietersberg Regional
PHANGWENI0816 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
PHILADELPHIA7304 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
PHILIPPI Boxes7781 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PHILIPPI Streets7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PHILIPPOLIS9970 RegionalKimberley Regional
PHILIPSTOWN8795 RegionalKimberley Regional
PHILLIP FRAME PARK, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
PHIRI, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PHIRIMA, Orlando1804 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PHIRITONA, Heilbron9650RegionalRWS JNB OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
PHOENIX4068 MajorDurban Central
PHOFUNG2511 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PHOKENG0300 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PHOLA, Ogies2230 Regional
PHOMALONG, Lengau9499 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PHOMOLONG1628 RegionalJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PHUMULA, KZN4230RegionalDurban CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
PIENAARSDORP, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
PIERNEEFPARK, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
PIERNEEFRANT, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
PIERRE VAN RYNEVELD Boxes0045 MajorPretoria Central
PIERRE VAN RYNEVELDPARK0157 MajorPretoria Central
PIET PLESSIS8621 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PIETERMARITZBURG Streets - Nortech International3201 Major
PIETERMARITZBURG Streets - UKZN Press3201 Major
PIETERSBURG Streets0600 MajorPietersberg Central
PIETERSBURG Boxes0600 MajorPietersberg Central
PIETERSBURG CBD0600 MajorPietersberg Central
PIETERSBURG NORTH Boxes0600 MajorPietersberg Central
PIETERSBURG NORTH, Pietersburg0600 MajorPietersberg Central
PIKETBERG7320 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
PILGRIM'S REST1290 RegionalNelspruit Regional
PIMVILLE1808 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PINATI Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PINE MEWS, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PINE PARK, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
PINE SLOPES, Bryanston2021 MajorRandburg
PINEDGE, Maitland7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PINEGOWRIE2123 MajorRandburg
PINEGROVE, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PINEGROVE, Somerset West7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
PINEHURST Est, Constanntia7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PINELANDS (Cape) Boxes7430 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PINELANDS (Cape) Streets7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PINELANDS , RAMSEY SON AND PARKER7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
PINELANDS, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
PINELEA, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PINETOWN Streets3610 MajorPinetown
PINETOWN Boxes3600 MajorPinetown
PINETOWN Streets, Futura Footware3610 Major
PINEVIEW, Grabouw7160 RegionalCape East Coast 1
PINEWOOD Boxes7161 RegionalCape East Coast
PINEWOOD, Grabouw7160 RegionalCape East Coast 1
PIONEER PARK, Newcastle2940 RegionalRWS NCS LOCAL
PIONEER, Johannesburg2190 MajorJohannesburg Central
PIONIER PARK, Kuils River7580 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PIRATE Est, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PIROWVILLE, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
PLAINS4243 RegionalDurban South
PLANTASIE, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
PLASTON1244 Regional
PLATBAKKIES8206 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
PLATINUM REEF0602 RegionalMines & Power Stations
PLATTEKLOOF & Ext 2, Parow7500 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PLATTEKLOOF GLEN, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PLATWAL0304 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
PLESSISLAER4500 RegionalDurban North
PLETTENBERG BAY6600 RegionalGeorge Regional
PLETTENBERGBAAI6600 RegionalGeorge Regional
PLOOYSBURG8350 RegionalKimberley Regional
PLUMSTEAD7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PNIEL7681 RegionalBoland
PODIPHATSHWA0386 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
POELONG9874 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
POFADDER8890 RegionalNorthern CapeHigh / Chain / Remote
POINT, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
POINT, NATAL Boxes4069 MajorDurban Central
POKWANI8565 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
POLITSI0851 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
POLKOL0111 MajorPretoria Central
POLLAK PARK, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
POLOKWANE CBD0600 MajorPietersberg Central
POLSMOOR PRISON7945 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
POMEROY3020 RegionalRWS LDY OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
POMFRET, Vryburg8619 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
POMONA, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
POMONA, Parys9585 Regional
PONGOLA3170 Regional
PONONG, Rusloo1468 MajorEast Rand
POORTVIEW, Honeydew2040 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PORT ALFRED6170 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
PORT EDWARD4295 RegionalDurban South
PORT ELIZABETH Boxes6000 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PORT ELIZABETH CBD6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PORT ELIZABETH Streets - S J M FLEX6001 Major
PORT NOLLOTH8280 RegionalNamaqualandHigh / Chain / Remote
PORT SHEPSTONE4240 RegionalDurban South
PORT ST. JOHNS5120RegionalDurban South
PORTAVIEW Est, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PORTERVILLE6810 RegionalWest Coast
PORTIA Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PORTLANDS, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
POSINI3804 Regional
POSTDENE, Postmasburg8420 RegionalKimberley Regional
POSTMASBURG8420 RegionalKimberley Regional
POTCHEFSTROOM CAMP, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
POTCHEFSTROOM Ext 16, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
POTFONTEIN8785 RegionalKimberley Regional
POTGIETER STREET, Pretoria0113 MajorPretoria Central
POTGIETERSRUS0601RegionalPietersberg Regional
POTSDAM, Milnerton7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
POWER PARK, Johannesburg2013 MajorWest Rand Route 1
POWERVILLE, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PRAEGVILLE, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
PREMIERPARK, Tzaneen0850 RegionalPietersberg Central
PRESAS0114 MajorPretoria Central
PRESIDENT PARK, Halfway House1685 MajorMidrand
PRESIDENT RIDGE & Ext 1, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
PRESIDENTSDAM, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
PRESTBURY, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
PRETORIA CBD0002 MajorPretoria Central
PRETORIA GARDENS, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
PRETORIA NORTH Boxes0116 Major
PRETORIA NORTH, Pretoria-North0182 Major
PRETORIA TUINE, Pretoria0082 MajorPretoria Central
PRETORIA WEST Boxes0117 MajorPretoria Central
PRETORIA WEST, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
PRETORIA-NOORD, Pretoria-North0182 MajorBRITS
PRETORIA-WES, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
PRETORIUSPARK, Garsfontein0042 MajorPretoria Central
PRETORIUSRUS, Carletonville2500 Regional
PRETORIUSSTAD, Nigel1490 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
PRIESKA8940 RegionalKimberley Regional
PRIMROSE & Ext/Uit 2, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
PRIMROSE Boxes1416 MajorEast Rand
PRIMROSE EAST, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
PRIMROSE HILL Boxes1417 MajorEast Rand
PRIMROSE HILL, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
PRIMROSE PARK, Manenberg7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PRIMROSE RIDGE, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
PRIMROSE-OOS, Germiston1401 MajorEast Rand
PRIMROSERIF, Primrose1401 MajorEast Rand
PRINCE ALBERT6930 RegionalGeorge Regional
PRINCE ALBERT ROAD6931 RegionalGeorge Regional
PRINCE ALFRED HAMLET6840 RegionalBolandHigh / Chain / Remote
PRINCE'S PARK, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
PRINCESS AgHs, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
PRINCESS Tsp, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
PRINCESSVLEI, Southfield7800 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PRINGLE BAY7141 RegionalCape East Coast 1
PRINS ALBERT6930 RegionalGeorge Regional
PRINS ALBERTWEG6931 RegionalGeorge Regional
PRISON AREA, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
PROCLAMATION HILL Boxes0119 MajorPretoria Central
PROCLAMATION HILL, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
PROKLAMASIEHEUWEL, Pretoria0183 MajorPretoria Central
PROLECON, Johannesburg2001 MajorJohannesburg Central
PROMOSA Boxes2530 Regional
PROMOSA, Potchefstroom2520 Regional
PROSPECTON, Isipingo4110 MajorDurban South
PROTEA GLEN1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PROTEA HEIGHTS, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PROTEA NORTH, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PROTEA PARK, Atlantis7349 RegionalTownships
PROTEA PARK, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PROTEA PARK, Port Shepston4240 RegionalDurban South
PROTEA RIDGE, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
PROTEA SOUTH, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PROTEA VALLEY, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PROTEA, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
PROTEAHOOGTE, Brackenfell7560 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PROTEAPARK Boxes0305 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
PROTEAPARK, Rustenburg0300 Regional
PROTEARIF, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
PROTEAVALLEI, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PROTEAVILLE Est, Durbanville7550 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PROTEAVILLE, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
PROTEAVILLE, Britstown8970 RegionalKimberley Regional
PROTEM7281 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
PROVIDENTIA, Port Elizabeth6070 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
PUDIMOE8581RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
PUNTANS HILL, Durban4091 MajorDurban Central
PUNTS Est, Dieprivier7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
PUTCOTON, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
PUTFONTEIN1513 MajorEast Rand
QALABOTJHA, Villiers9840RegionalRWS HARRISMITH OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
QEDUMONA3136 RegionalNatal Midlands
Q-TOWN, Athlone (Cape Town)7764 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
QUALBERT4078 MajorDurban Central
QUDENI3557 RegionalNatal Midlands
QUEENSBURGH Boxes4070 MajorDurban Central
QUEENSBURGH Est, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
QUEENSBURGH Streets4093 MajorDurban Central
QUEENSHAVEN, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
QUEENSTOWN5320 RegionalEast London Regional
QUEENSWOOD & Ext 2, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
QUEENSWOOD Boxes0121 MajorPretoria Central
QUELLERIEPARK, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
QUELLERINA, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
QUIGNEY - REAL PEOPLE5201 MajorEast London Central
QUIGNEY - REAL PEOPLE CELLULAR5201 MajorEast London Central
QUIGNEY Boxes5211 MajorEast London Central
QUIGNEY, East London5201 MajorEast London Central
QUMBU, Eastern Cape5180RegionalEast London Regional
QUNU5105RegionalEast London Regional
QWA QWA9866 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
RAAPENBERG/STA, Pinelands7405 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
RAAPKRAAL, Retreat7945 MajorCAPE TOWN 26
RABIERIDGE, Halfway House1685 RegionalMidrandHigh / Chain / Remote
RACEVIEW, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
RADIO UITKYK, Pretoria0187 MajorPretoria Central
RADITSHABA0718 RegionalPietersburg TownshipHigh / Chain / Remote
RADIUM0483 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
RAEDENE Boxes2124 MajorRandburg
RAEDENE, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
RAFENGOTSO, Deneysville1932 RegionalRWS JNB OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
RAILWAY RESERVE, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
RAINBOW VALLEY, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
RAINBOW VALLEY, Lenasia1820 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
RAINBOW, Upington8800 RegionalUpington Central
RAINHAM, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
RAISETHORPE, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
RAITHBY, Firgrove7130 MajorSomerset West, Strand
RAMAHUTSI9789 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
RAMATLABAMA2745RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
RAMOKGOPA0811 RegionalPietersberg CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
RAMSGATE4285 RegionalDurban South
RAND AIRPORT1419 MajorEast Rand
RAND LEASES MINE, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
RAND SHOW2147 MajorSandton
RAND VIEW, Johannesburg2198 MajorJohannesburg Central
RANDBURG Streets2194 MajorRandburg
RANDBURG Boxes2125 MajorRandburg
RANDBURG Streets, Demo Inhouse2194 MajorRandburg
RANDFONTEIN1760 RegionalJohannesburg North West
RANDFONTEIN SOUTH, Randfontein1760 RegionalJohannesburg North West
RANDGATE Boxes1763 Regional
RANDGATE, Randfontein1760 Regional
RANDHART & Ext, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
RANDHART Boxes1457 MajorEast Rand
RANDHART Ext 1 & 2, Alberton1449 MajorEast Rand
RANDJESPARK, Midrand1685 MajorMidrand
RANDJIESLAAGTE, Johannesb2192 MajorSandton
RANDLESPARK, Klerksdorp2571 Regional
RANDLUGHAWE1419 MajorEast Rand
RANDPARK & Ext 2 - 5, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
RANDPARK Ext, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
RANDPARK RIDGE Ext 1 - 4, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
RANDPARK RIDGE Ext 6, Bromhof2154 MajorRandburg
RANDPARK RIDGE, Randburg2156 MajorRandburg
RANDRUS, Durban4001 MajorDurban Central
RANDSKOU2147 MajorSandton
RANDVAAL1840 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
RANELAGH, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
RANGER PARK, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
RANGEVIEW, Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
RANKIN'S PASS0513 RegionalPietersberg RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
RANLEIGH, Johannesburg2192 MajorSandton
RANT-EN-DAL & Ext 1 , Krugersdorp1739 MajorJohannesburg Central
RANT-EN-DAL Boxes1751 MajorWest Rand Route 2
RASHOOP0253 RegionalPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
RASLOUW, Wierdapark0149 MajorPretoria Central
RATANDA, Heidelberg (Tvl)2400 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
RAUMARAISPARK, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
RAVENMOOR Boxes1469 MajorEast Rand
RAVENMOOR, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
RAVENSKLIP, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
RAVENSMEAD Boxes7504 MajorTownship 1
RAVENSMEAD, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownship 1
RAVENSWOOD & Ext 10, Boksburg1459 MajorEast Rand
RAWSONVILLE6845 RegionalBoland
RAYMOND Est, Vrijzee7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
RAYTON1001 Regional
RAYTON, Bloemfontein5000MajorBloemfontein Central
REAGILE, Koster2825 RegionalJohannesburg North WestHigh / Chain / Remote
REBONE0617 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
RED HILL, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
RED HILL, N Boxes4071 MajorDurban Central
RED HILL, Simon's Town7995 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
REDAN1931 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
REDDERSBURG9904 RegionalBloemfontein Regional
REDDINGSHOOP0252 RegionalPretoria RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
REDELINGHUYS8105 RegionalWest CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
REDFERN, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
REDHOUSE6215 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
REEFHAVEN, Roodepoort1724 MajorWest Rand Route 2
REESTON, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
REGENCY, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
REGENT PARK, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
REGENT ROAD, SEA POINT8061 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
REGENT'S PARK Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
REGENT'S PARK, Johannesburg2126 MajorJohannesburg Central
REIGERPARK & Ext 1 , Boksburg1466MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
REIGERPARK Boxes1466 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
REITZPARK & Ext 18, Welkom9459 Regional
REIVILO8595 RegionalKimberley RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
REMBRANDT RIDGE, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
REMBRANDTPARK, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
REMBRANDTRIF, Johannesburg2090 MajorSandton
RENISHAW4181 RegionalDurban South
RENSBURG Boxes2401 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
RENSBURG, Heidelberg (Tvl)2400 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
RESERVOIR HILLS Boxes4090 MajorDurban Central
RESERVOIR HILLS, Durban4091 MajorDurban Central
RESERVOIR PARK, Rusloo1468 MajorEast Rand
RESERVOIR RIDGE, Kagiso1744 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
RESIDENSIA1980 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
RESIDENSIA, De Aar7000 RegionalKimberley Regional
RESTHAVEN, Tokai7945 MajorSouthern Suburbs
RETHABILE Boxes0112 Major
RETHABILE, Pretoria0122 Major
RETIEFSPARK, Lichtenburg2740 Regional
RETIEFVILLE, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
RETREAT Boxes7965 MajorTownship 1
RETREAT Streets7945 MajorTownship 1
REUNION, Isipingo4110 MajorDurban South
REUVEN, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
REWLATCH, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
REYGERSDAL7352 RegionalTownships
REYNOLDS VIEW, Johannesburg2094 MajorJohannesburg Central
RHEEBOKSTRAND, Little Brak River6503 RegionalGeorge Regional
RHEENENDAL6576 RegionalGeorge Regional
RHINE ROAD, SEA POINT8050 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
RHODES5582 RegionalEast London Regional
RHODES GIFT7707 MajorSouthern Suburbs
RHODES PARK, East London5247 MajorEast London Central
RHODESDENE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
RHODESFIELD & Ext 1, Kempton Park (Tvl)1619 MajorEast Rand
RIAMARPARK, Bronkhorstspruit1020 Regional
RICHARDS BAY3900 Regional
RICHMOND - NORTHERN CAPE7090 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
RICHMOND Est, Goodwood7460 MajorNorthern Suburbs
RICHMOND PARK, Port Elizabeth6001 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
RICHMOND PARK, Table View7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
RICHMOND, Cape7010 RegionalKimberley Regional
RICHMOND, Johannesburg2092 MajorWest Rand Route 1
RICHWOOD, Milnerton7441 MajorCAPE TOWN 30
RIDGE Ext 4 & 7, Font2032 MajorRandburg
RIDGE PARK, Pietermaritzburg3201 MajorPietermaritzburg Township
RIDGEVIEW Boxes1701 MajorWest Rand Route 2
RIDGEVIEW, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
RIDGEWAY & Ext 3 - 5, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
RIDGEWORTH Est, Bellville7530 MajorNorthern Suburbs
RIDLEY PARK, Queensburgh4093 MajorDurban Central
RIEBEECK EAST5805 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
RIEBEECK WEST6800 RegionalWest Coast
RIEBEECKHOOGTE Boxes6231 MajorPort Elizabeth Regional
RIEBEECKHOOGTE, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
RIEBEECK-KASTEEL6801 RegionalWest Coast
RIEBEECK-OOS5805 RegionalPort Elizabeth Regional
RIEBEECKSTAD, Welkom9459 Regional
RIEBEECK-WES6800 RegionalWest Coast
RIEPENPARK, Johannesburg2196 MajorSandton
RIETBRON6685 RegionalGeorge Regional
RIETFONTEIN Boxes0123 MajorPretoria Central
RIETFONTEIN PARK, Springs1559 MajorEast Rand
RIETFONTEIN, Muldersdrif1747 MajorJohannesburg Central
RIETFONTEIN, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
RIETONDALE, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
RIETVLEI NATURE RESERVE,Pretoria1685 MajorPretoria CentralHigh / Chain / Remote
RIETVLEI, Rustenburg0300 RegionalRBG BRITSHigh / Chain / Remote
RIETVLEI,Pretoria1685 MajorPretoria Central
RISANA, Johannesburg2197 MajorJohannesburg Central
RISECLIFF, Chatsworth4092 MajorDurban Central
RISIDALE, Johannesburg2195 MajorRandburg
RISIVIEW, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
RISIVILLE & Ext, Vereeniging1939 RegionalJohannesburg Outlying
RISPARK, Johannesburg2053 MajorWest Rand Route 1
RISSIK STREET, Johannesburg2127 MajorJohannesburg Central
RIVER CLUB Ext 10, Bramley2149 MajorSandton
RIVER CLUB, Bryanston2149 MajorSandton
RIVER VIEW3930 RegionalDurban South
RIVER VIEW, Kokstad4700 RegionalDurban South
RIVER VIEW, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
RIVERCLUB, Fish Hoek7975 MajorCAPE TOWN 28
RIVERDALE, Pretoria0002 MajorPretoria Central
RIVERFIELD Boxes1564 MajorEast Rand
RIVERLEA & Ext, Johannesburg2093 MajorWest Rand Route 1
RIVERSDAL6770 RegionalGeorge Regional
RIVERSDALE6770 RegionalGeorge Regional
RIVERSDALE, Chrissiefontein1963 RegionalJohannesburg OutlyingHigh / Chain / Remote
RIVERSIDE Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
RIVERSIDE, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
RIVERSIDE, Little Brak River6503 RegionalGeorge Regional
RIVERSIDE, Pretoria0186 MajorPretoria Central
RIVERTON8500 RegionalKimberley Regional
RIVERTON, Matroosfontein7490 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
RIVIERA Boxes0124 MajorPretoria Central
RIVIERA, Johannesburg2193 MajorJohannesburg Central
RIVIERA, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
RIVIERA, Pretoria0084 MajorPretoria Central
RIVIERSONDEREND7250 RegionalCape East CoastHigh / Chain / Remote
RIVONIA Boxes2128 MajorSandton
RIVONIA - STORTECH2128 MajorJohannesburg Central
RIVONIA Boxes - Micron Technologies2128 MajorJohannesburg Central
RIVONIA Ext 1 - 17, Johannesburg2128 MajorSandton
RIVONIA, Johannesburg2128 MajorSandton
RIXTON Est, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
ROADSIDE9855 RegionalHigh / Chain / Remote
ROBERTSHAM, Johannesburg2091 MajorWest Rand Route 1
ROBERTSON NORTH, Robertson6705 RegionalBoland
ROBERTSON, (Cape)6705 RegionalBoland
ROBERTSON-NOORD, Robertson6705 RegionalBoland
ROBERTVILLE, Florida1709 MajorWest Rand Route 2
ROBIN ACRES, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
ROBIN HILLS, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
ROBINDALE & Ext 1 & 4, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
ROBINDALE Ext, Randburg2194 MajorRandburg
ROBINPARK, Randfontein1760 Regional
ROBINSON, (Tvl)1761 Regional
ROBINVALE, Atlantis7349 RegionalTownships
ROBSONVALE, Kimberley8301 MajorKimberley Central
ROCHDALE PARK Boxes4034 MajorDurban Central
ROCHDALE, Pinetown3610 MajorPinetown
ROCHESTER7940 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
ROCKEYSDRIFT1200 RegionalNelspruit Regional
ROCKFORD, Durban4051 MajorDurban North
ROCKLANDS, Bloemfontein9323 MajorBloemfontein Central
ROCKLANDS, Mitchells Plain7785 MajorTownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
ROCKLANDS, Uitenhage6230 MajorPort Elizabeth Central
ROCKVILLE, Middelburg (Tvl)1050 Major
ROCKVILLE, Tshiawelo1818 MajorJohannesburg TownshipsHigh / Chain / Remote
RODEWAL, Worcester6850 RegionalBoland
ROEDTAN0580 RegionalNYLSTROOM OUTLYINGHigh / Chain / Remote
ROGGE BAY8012 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
ROGGEBAAI8012 MajorCape Town & Atlantic Seaboard
ROMPEVALLEI, Lansdowne7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
RONDEBOSCH7700 MajorSouthern Suburbs
RONDEBOSCH EAST, Lansdown7780 MajorSouthern Suburbs
RONDEBULT, Germiston1423 MajorEast Rand